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This is what your mouth says about your health!

I had so many positive reactions to my previous article on how to keep your mouth healthy and fit that I decided to share some more healthy mouth related info. Because not only can you influence your oral health, it can also give insight in your overall health. Read here about what your mouth can tell you!
You may not realize it yet, but your mouth is more than just a tool for eating. It is connected with the rest of the body, which means it’s part of your overall health. The tongue is a good indicator on how and where things are going on in the body. A tongue’s shape, color and cracks all tell something. Besides working on the underlying cause, cleaning your tongue is as important as brushing your teeth. You can use a tongue scraper or a toothbrush to give it a good cleaning.

A bad breath is a common discomfort that can have different causes. First is a bad oral flora, coming from a bacterial overgrowth due to poor oral care. Or maybe that lovely garlic in your meal was just a bit too much 😉 Make sure to drink enough water, brush well and use a good toothpaste to fight bad bacteria. Zendium’s toothpaste is one that naturally protects the oral flora with good bacteria. If this doesn’t help and you’re still frequently suffering from bad breath, look for the underlying reason coming from the body.

If you ever feel like cold ice cream or hot tea causes pain in your mouth, or brushing and flossing feels uncomfortable, you might have sensitive teeth. That is not how it has to be though, because a healthy mouth is a happy mouth! Start with a soft brush and soft stroke to prevent damaging the teeth and gums, and choose an appropriate toothpaste that won’t irritate your teeth. Zendium toothpaste helps to protect your teeth to limit the sensitivity. Also try to limit foods and drinks high in acid or sugar (and drink water after to rinse!) for preventing irritation on the teeth. These slight changes can already help to make your teeth stronger and pain free.

Everything that is going on in our mouth is telling us important things. Having a fit and healthy mouth is key for an overall good health and vice versa. Don’t forget to keep your mouth clean and check it regularly as it can say more than you might think!

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