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Visible abs: 3 secrets revealed

Are you in the need of visible abs? Do you feel like you have been spending many hours in the gym and tried everything for that toned belly, but the results don’t show? Then this is a must-read article for you! I’ve received many questions about how to get visible abs, so today I’m sharing my 3 visible ab secrets with you.

During my journey towards a toned belly, I’ve always been told it’s super easy to realize some visibility in my abs: “you just need to get rid of the fat that’s on top of your abs so they can become visible”. Well, thank you, but somehow that seems to be much harder in practice :-p I didn’t give up trying though, and through a lot of trial-and-error I found out there were 3 things very important during my process towards visible “ab-lines”.

1. Your diet is everything
You might think that getting toned is because of all the hard work in the gym, but nothing is less true. Abs are (unfortunately) made in the kitchen! Considering your diet, it is super important to indulge a lot of protein, fiber and water. You can also eat carbs, but eat just enough to fuel daily activity and workouts. Examples of good and smart carb choices are oats, brown rice, sweet potatoes or any fruit that is low in sugar.

2. Remix your workout schedule
Bad news for all you joggers out there: it ain’t gonna get you abs. Switch your jog-workout for HIIT training. Find here all the information you need about how to do this and get addicted to the results now 😉

To get even better results, add a little variation to your workouts. It is important to surprise your body, so it won’t get lazy. Vary with weight training, fast and slow walks, and stretching from time to time.
P.S. Click here to read my personal transformation story about switching from 6 times a week running to a remixed workout schedule.

3. Treat yourself like a princess
Stress is something you don’t want in your happy and healthy life. Not only because stress is related to negativity in your life, but it also deteriorates your results. Make sure you sleep 8 hours a night and don’t feel bad when you skip a workout or a healthy meal once in a while. You need those moments in your life when you do whatever you want to do and be that princess you deserve to be!

What’s working for you to get visible abs, girls? Please share it with me in the comment section below 🙂

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  • Charlotte

    Great post!

    I’ve recently cut down the amount of sodium in my diet from too much vegetables and now I’ve increased my protein and fats and its helped settled my ibs down so much! 😀 x

    • Carolina van Dorenmalen Post author

      Hi sweety!

      Thank you so much for leaving me a message! This really sounds amazing, how are you keeping up?
      Keep up the good work, this will definitely work well for you babe!!

      With love,

  • Zonderzooi

    Great article, people keep forgetting how important a good diet is. I always say to clients it’s 70% your nutrition and 30% your workouts. You can’t workout a bad diet!

    • Carolina van Dorenmalen Post author

      Hello there!

      Thank you for your support and enthusiasm, you are completely right! I couldn’t agree more 😀
      Have a lovely day! xx

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