20-04-16 | Cooking with Foodie-ness |

VIDEO: quinoa chicken avocado salad

A fresh, light and tasty salad is always a good idea girls! Personally, I don’t mind to incorporate salads into my healthy lifestyle as it’s so easy and fun to spice up your salad and pimp it into something delish! Are you still feeling hungry after a salad though? Help is here, because today’s recipe for a quinoa chicken avocado salad will give your belly a full-feeling and that is still diet-friendly!

Very often, I hear girls say that they don’t find a salad “enough” food and they still feel hungry afterwards. Well, I used to feel te same! When you don’t fill up your salad bowl with the right foods, it won’t give your body what it needs – no wonder you’re tummy is still rumbling. On today’s NEW video from the “Cooking with Foodie-ness” series, I want to show you how to easily turn your salad into a powerful nutritious meal that’s still diet-friendly and super healthy.

Feel free to change some toppings if you have a different taste of food and don’t forget to prep this quinoa chicken avocado salad, because it’s super easy to bring this salad with you to work or school. No excuses to fail on health 🙂

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  • Energy: 734,4 kcal
  • Protein: 40,1 g
  • Carbs: 50,7 g
  • Fat: 43,8 g
  • Fiber: 13,5 g