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VIDEO: 23 min. upper body workout

Hi-ha-helloooo! Did you like my first Foodie-ness leg-and bum workout video? If yes, get ready for the next! This 23 min. upper body workout is an intensive routine to blast your shoulders, back, chest and sculpting sexy shoulder muscles. Great results in minimal time!

Perform the exercises of this upper body workout easily at home, at your gym or even at the park – when the weather is good enough of course. I always warm up with 5-7 minutes of cardio and cool down with 5-7 minutes of stretching. For cardio you can simply choose easy running, walking, walking stairs and cycling. During your workout, don’t forget to focus on good breathing, your form and hydration. Click here to read how proper hydration will improve your workout.

Have you missed the last leg and bum workout video? Click here to watch it now. And always remember girls, in case of questions: don’t hesitate to reach out to me by simply raising your questions in the comment section below. More than happy to help 🙂

GOOD LUCK!!! And I hope to see you again next, for the next video workout: a lovely core workout.

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