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VIDEO: 23 min. upper body workout

Yippeee-ya-yay! It’s time for a NEW 23. min Foodie-ness upper body workout video. Fear not, ladies because it’s a common misconception that training your upper-body will cause you Arnold-style-arms. On the contrary, an upper body workout blasts your shoulders, back, chest and arms!

So tell me, who’s ready to sculpt their arms, tone their back and strengthen their complete upper body for bikini season? A strong upper body will help you to maintain a good form as well as powering you through tough workouts. I have selected four sure-fire upper body exercises for you, that you can perform at home, at the gym or even outdoor. And it will only take you 23 min. of your time, well that’s why I’m sold on this workout routine!

Oh P.S.! Have you seen my previous 23 min. workout videos? Click here to work your legs and bumabs and here for another effective upper body routine.

Good luck babes!

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