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TOP 5: My favorite summer suitcase essentials

Vacay time is presenting itself again and this means the last preparations for this are in sight: adding the final touch to our summer bodies, and starting way too early with packing a suitcase! Me, I’m known for packing way too much, because I just like to make sure I don’t come short of anything :-p Is there a nice vacation ahead of you and could you use some packing tips? Planning on what to bring is all part of the pre-fun and now that suitcase-season is in full swing, I like to share my favorite summer suitcase essentials with you!

#1 Flowy summer dresses
In the mostly-rainy-Netherlands I don’t wear dresses that much, but when I’m going away to a sunny destination it’s my number one favorite item to wear. It’s girly, light and airy, which of course means ideal for high temperatures. Plus it is not only suited for the beach, but also for shopping, dining, clubbing, etc.

#2 Bikini favs
I’m guilty of always bringing too much swimwear with me that I can’t even use all of it. But the pro is that they almost don’t take any place in your suitcase, so there’s no reason to feel guilty when packing all those different models and colors 🙂 A girl’s got to vary, right! And I love the bathing suits trend, what do you think?

#3 Sandals and flip-flops
When you’re sweating your booty off at 30+ degrees Celsius, there is no way you feel like putting on socks and sneakers to make it feel even warmer. That’s why I go for sandals and flip-flops under my dress or shorts – waaay nicer than to lock up your feet 🙂 My Birkenstocks are currently my fav’s, because they give good support for healthy feet and work for longer walks as well.

#4 Hammam towel
Hammam towels are the best! Not only do they look super nice, but they are also very beneficial. The absorption is similar to regular towels, but it dries much quicker. You can use it for the beach, as a blanket or even wear it as a sarong. Because these towels are so lightweight, it is ideal to bring with in your suitcase without worrying it becomes too heavy.

#5 Summer hat
For sun protection it’s good to wear a hat or cap, especially at the middle of the day when the strong sunbeams can be quite dangerous. We don’t want to get burned or end up with a sunstroke, therefore I always take along a big hat to use besides sunscreen. Not only functional, but also fashionable 😉

These items are my clothing and accessory essentials to bring when I go on summer vacation. What are yours girls? If there is anything I didn’t name in my top 5 favorite summer suitcase essentials list that you think is an absolutely must? Please share and I can add it to the list!!

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  • Lisa

    Hello Carolina, I’m completely right. What is better than wearing summer dresses when the weather is nice? For me that is also an absolute must on vacation.

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