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Top 5: My favorite essentials for making long summer walks

Summer time is here and for the next two months we all be in full Summer mode! Relaxing, having fun and enjoying the sun… I’m totally up for that 🙂 But besides chilling during vacay time, I like to stay a little active as well. One of my favorite activities right now is making long summer walks after dinner and I’ve noticed you like that too on your vacay. To make our walks even better, I’ve made a list of my TOP 5 favorite walking essentials!

“Walking is cheap, fun, safe and acceptable exercise!”

#1 Footwear
First thing that needs to be on point when going for long walks is of course footwear! And though you might think sneakers are best choice for walking, there is another option. Because who likes their feet being locked up in warm shoes when it’s 30 degrees out? Not me, so I prefer Birkenstock sandals to do my walking in.

I’m a sandal addict and especially Birkenstock are my absolute favorite when it comes to summer time footwear. For optimal support, comfort and a fashionista look your way to go is Birkenstock, no doubt about it! These good looking sandals are great for longer walks as they really support your feet while not having to lock up your feet in warm shoes. How great is that?!

#2 Sunscreen
While the sun is shining its warmth upon us and we enjoy those nice sunrays on our bodies, we shouldn’t forget the strength of the sun. Especially during walks you are exposed to sunrays constantly, even when it’s cloudy! The last thing we want to get from a long nice walk is to end up with a red painful skin… Ouch! To prevent sunburns we need to use sunscreen with the right SPF and don’t forget to apply frequently. Read more about creating a healthy tan here.

#3 Sunglasses and hat
For more sun protection it’s wise to wear a hat and sunglasses too. This way we keep the risk of sunburns and sunstrokes low. Either wearing a floppy summer hat or a sporty cap, as long as it feels comfy for you it’s all good. Being protected and looking fabulous at the same time – yes please!

#4 Water
Walking is a form of cardio and especially in warm weather it will make you sweat. Make sure to drink lots of water, because you want to be well hydrated before and during taking a walk. Feeling dehydrated is not nice and can make a long walk very unpleasant. Bring a large bottle of water with you, because it should be in reach when you start feeling thirsty.

#5 Backpack
If you want to go for a long hike, it’s a good idea to bring a backpack with you. This is a better choice than keeping stuff in your hands, because that’s just inconvenient and distracting. Use the backpack only for essential items though, as you don’t want it to be heavy. Use it to keep the water bottle cool in, bring some money and a healthy snack to give you some new energy when needed. Also put your phone in it for navigation, to be able to contact people when necessary, and to take lovely Instagram worthy pics of the scenery of course 🙂

Long walks are a great way for daily activity and even getting in a mindfulness zone. When doing it right it can clear the mind, give new energy, and make you feel one with nature! It’s actually a health booster without much effort. Therefore long walks are one of my favorite activities during summer. And whether you’re walking on vacation abroad or close to home, it’s all enjoyable!

With these 5 must-haves you are well prepared for your next summer walk. Do you love long walks as much as I do? If you have some tips for even better walking experiences, feel free to share!

With love,

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