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The right carbs to eat for weight-loss (and to avoid!)

When picking out the right foods for my diet, I used to skip carbs entirely. Now I know better and my crush on carbs will be forever. Filling your body with the right carbs, will make it super lean and happily energized. Today I will talk about the right carbs to eat for weight-loss and to avoid!

Carbohydrates kind of have a bad reputation. Especially people who are trying to lose weight may think that they need to leave carbs out of their diet, but this is NOT true at all! You just need to know what the good kind of carbs are, because they play an important role in your weight-loss journey. On average the largest part of your daily food intake consists of carbs and are essential for supplying your body with energy. However not all carbs are the same, they can be divided into categories: simple and complex carbs and fast and slow carbs. Now let me explain to you which carbs to eat for weight-loss and which one to avoid..


Basically carbs consist of sugar, starch and fibers. When a carb consists of many different molecules combined, you can call it complex. But when something contains mainly sugar and the health benefits are lacking, it is an empty and simple carb. The glycemic index of a product defines the speed of a raise in the blood sugar level when consuming carbs. This is where the difference in fast and slow carbs comes from.


One source of complex carbs you should absolutely love is of course vegetables! They are a good source of energy and a great way to fill your body with high amounts of fiber and vitamins! You can (almost) eat as much as you want from it, because of the healthy benefits. They are low in calories, so a big winner when you are trying to shed some kilos! Highly processed products like cookies, chips, cake and sodas are something to leave out your kitchen cabinets and fridge, cause they are empty carbs and don’t add any good to your body. I allow myself a cheat once in a while with these foods, but I try to make good choices, like biological or homemade (check out my recipes for guilty pleasures!)

Having some bread once in a while is fine, but it’s important to go for the whole grain variants to keep you full and satisfied for a longer time! This also counts for pasta and rice. The ‘white’ products are fast sugars and will make you hungry again in no time, so make sure to choose the better options. Oatmeal is another great way to fuel your body with essential vitamins and minerals and is a slow carb, so it will gradually releases its energy. Fruit is also important in a healthy lifestyle, but does contain a lot of fructose (fruit sugar), which makes it a fast carb, so try not to eat too much of that.

With this knowhow about good and bad carbs, you are on the right track, but do not forget: fats and protein are important too and working out is essential. And remember, being healthy isn’t about being on a diet, it’s a healthy and happy lifestyle!

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