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The real truth behind living healthy? My opinion!

I’m sure you have noticed the discussions on the news and social media lately, about how to live a healthy life. Health is hot and happening right now and everyone wants to share their opinion about this topic. But with all this commotion it gets quite hard to figure out who is right and what the actual truth is. Of course I can’t resist telling you how I feel about all of this!

Nowadays there are so many hypes and “experts” in food and fitness that it’s no surprise if you’re getting lost in this craziness. It really makes me happy to see so many people being aware of the quality of their lifestyle, but I can imagine it’s getting unclear how to get that lifestyle to best quality due to the variety in opinions. I don’t fully agree with all my fellow foodie and fitness bloggers, and I’m sure they don’t always share my opinion and view on things either. Which is totally fine!

There are also tons of scientific studies being done on living healthy, which is great because we need facts to build on. However, this doesn’t say all there is about being a healthy individual. You need to find what works for you and that’s where it gets personal. It’s good to have guidance in your lifestyle, but always think for yourself and see the nuance in the different approaches.

Being healthy is one of the main conditions for living a happy life. There are a few basic rules for this:

  • Eat veggies and fruit every day
  • Consume enough protein and complex carbs, and please very little fast carbs (sugar)
  • Choose healthy fats
  • Unprocessed food should have the overhand
  • Get enough exercise daily
  • Take time to relax
  • Think about your hydration all day, every day.

Variation is key for a well-balanced diet and when you choose mostly whole foods, this should set a good foundation for your health. Remember too much is never a good thing, which also counts for food labeled as healthy. Besides a certain type of food can be healthy for one and unhealthy for the other. Everyone is different which means we’re responding differently to food. You can never have full control over your body, because genetics and luck have a part in this too, but you can definitely improve your way of life!

We’ve got many trendy diets going around and some work, some don’t. Whether you’re following a certain diet (Paleo, gluten free, vegan, etc.) or just going your own way in it, you should do what feels good. Try out different things, but listen to your body. Know that healthy and tasty can really go hand in hand. If you really don’t like a certain type of food, don’t eat it just because it’s labeled as healthy, but try to find a substitute you do like. This can be applied to any kind of recipe (did you make a yummy adjusted version of one of my recipes, please share with me!). This way you will enjoy your lifestyle much more and benefit from it the most!

Every story has elements of truth, but no one owns the truth. A human being isn’t standard, so there can’t be a standard lifestyle for everyone. Eventually, it comes down to the fact that everyone has his or her own truth regarding food and health, and I hope you can find your own best way of living healthy and happy!

With love,

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