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Quickly gain massive strength with box jumps

Today I’m talking about burning fat, blasting calories and quickly gain massive strength in your lower body! Box jumps make you look like a badass (yay!) and are actually quite fun too! Are you dreaming of strong, toned and sexy legs and butt? Read more, because my box-jump-help is here girls!

The box jump exercise can be performed anywhere and guarantees you the best shape ever, because you’re forced to use every muscle in your body. I love how you also have to focus on balance, while you’re combining the cardio aspect in your workout. Good news for anybody who wants to lose weight: a box jump will make your body burn 800 – 1000 calories an hour, while you burn around 300 calories with one hour walking. Sounds great, right?

Another big plus I think, is that it’s so easy to integrate this exercise into my workout. You can easily perform the box jump outdoor, as well as at home when you use a box, bench or other raised item.

Here’s how you do it!
Start position: Stand in a straight with your feet shoulder-width apart. Position yourself at a comfortable distance from the box/bench.
Movement: It’s time to jump! First bring your body quickly into a quarter squat position, while you continue with the jump: extend your hips and push your feet through the ground to move yourself onto the box/bench. TIP: swing your arms!
Finish: Try to land quietly in a half squat position and return to your start position.

My box jump workout routine:
Whenever I integrate the box jump exercise into my workout, I prefer to do 4 sets of 15 reps. And boy that’s tough! I try to increase the intensity level, but these box jumps always seem to make me breathless.

TIP: If you’re new with box jumps, please start carefully with 4 sets of 7 reps and increase reps per week.

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