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Pimp your fruit into a healthy snack!

Training hard and staying committed to your diet sometimes just forces you to compensate with something yummy! When I want to treat myself with something delicious, sweet and still healthy, I pick a fruit and pimp it! Find here a recipe for a fruit snack that you can make very easily, fast and with ingredients you have available in your kitchen. Having friends over? This healthy snacklooks cool too!

You can pimp your snack to your personal taste and experiment with different ingredients!

P.S. Let me know if you made a fruit snack that was so awesome that I need to try it too!:)

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  • nba即時比分

    Nice Blog, thanks for sharing this kind of information.

  • Suzanne

    I was wondering… how do you keep your apples from turning brown? Other ways than lemon juice I mean. Or do you just have to eat them before they do XD
    I might wanna serve them to my colleagues, but they probably won’t look that tasty if their brown 🙂

    Your website is a great inspiration… I’m working in the hospitality business and since then (and dating my boyfriend) my weight has gone up… I’d like to start your Bikini Body Countdown and it will help if the food we serve is healthier too, instead of Muffins, Donuts and Brownies XD
    So thank you much for your inspiration!

    Kind Regards,


    • Carolina van Dorenmalen Post author

      Hi there Suzanne,

      Thank you so much for leaving a message and sharing your story 🙂

      I feel your pain with regards to the brown apple thing, unfortunately I don’t have a secret solution for that! Other than: eat it right away haha! Maybe you can pick another fruit when you want to surprise your colleagues? Like banana or strawberries?

      I’m sure the BBCD program will be a great workout routine for you! For the first 12 months of a new year maybe? Sounds like a great plan to me!

      Let me know when you have more questions girl!

      With love,

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