06-11-14 | full body workouts |

4 reasons why you should love burpees!

It’s time for BURPEEESSS! Burpees are that type of exercise you most likely hate (me too!), but let me give you four reasons why you should love them and should always try to include them in your weekly workouts! Read more…

Good things come to those who sweat.

04-11-14 | Food | weight-loss |

Jumpstart your body with breakfast!

Jumpstart your body everyday – first thing in the morning! Today I share 5 simple reasons with you, why your breakfast is the most important nutritious meal of the day and must be in your morning routine. I promise you, girls that some yummy-breakfast-meal in the morning will make you shine whole day! Read More…

01-11-14 | full body workouts |

Jump ropes make you burn fat fast!

Can’t make it to the gym today and still need to do your workout? I guess we’re all familiar with that! Read here how you can still burn more than 10 calories a minute with just 1 single (fun) tool: Read more…

20-09-14 | Overige |

Hi there, I’m new here!

Hello world, nice to finally meet you! The blog is online and goes under the name: Foodie-ness! I’m new here and you are too, so let me share my  Read more…