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Only 8 to-do’s on your daily health checklist

I’m a health addict + a busy bee, and therefore a BIG fan of to-do-lists! Are your days long and busy too? Today’s health checklists will help you to manage clean eating, working out, feeling energized and keep on smiling between work, school and other activities.. every day!

As always, I like to keep my tips on the blog simple, efficient and applicable for everybody. I believe it’s important to find a healthy lifestyle you can maintain. Therefore you should find a healthy way of life that makes you happy and somehow will become an addiction. So if you want to get into (or back into) a healthy routine, help is here! Today’s 8 to-do’s will be easy for you to integrate in your daily routine and won’t make you quit after a couple of weeks. And thats why I love it!

Give it a try girls, I promise you will feel more energized all day and soon see results!


1. Drink water – a lot!
TIP: Start with a glass of water in the morning before breakfast – your body needs it after being a sleep.
2. Eat a fruit or veggie at every meal during the day
TIP: try to eat 5-6 smaller meals during your day.
3. Work up a sweat, if you have no time to hit the gym today or do a workout, go for a late night fit walk for 30 min.
4. Try to sleep for 8 hours at night, sleep and rest is very important for your body and mind!
5. Take a moment for stretching: especially when you have an office job and sit behind your desk all day long.
6. Walk, bike or take the stairs when you’re on your way – Oh yes, skip the elevator ladies! 😉
7. Have a good posture – and keep reminding yourself during the day..
8. Laugh, smile and be happy: happy looks good on you!

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