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Not getting that tight belly and visible abs? This is why!

A tight lean belly with nice lines: don’t we all want that? Very often I hear girls say that they want to lose belly fat, have a tight belly and visible abs, and they ask me how to realize that? But is it possible to only train for a flat stomach? Let’s dig a little deeper into this and find out how fat burning actually works

If you’ve tried to add a daily dose of ab exercises into your life to lose belly fat, you probably found out that it didn’t do much for your body. Why is that? Well, the question here is actually: can you burn fat in a certain area of your body? Sadly, the answer is no. And there are 3 things I want you need to know about that..

FYI #1
We cannot decide for our bodies to lose fat from the belly, legs or arms and leave some extra for the boobies and booties! To create a body à la Doutzen it all comes down to hard work and a proper diet (and partially good genes too). Everyone has abs, but in most cases they aren’t visible. This is because of the overall amount of fat in your body. The key for creating a tight body is a low percentage of body fat.

FYI #2
To get less body fat you’ll need to be burning more calories than you consume. Working out regularly does help, but exercising only won’t give you the results you want when you don’t adjust your diet. Consuming less calories than you burn in a day will make you to lose weight from your entire body, though it requires patience. What you should NE-VER do is crash dieting (!!), because the effects won’t last long and it’s super bad for your body. Eating too little can make your body to burn muscle tissue rather than fat. Just eat clean, train well, sleep enough and take it slow. This will make it a lot easier and effective. Our genes and hormones decide where this comes off first and which body parts are having a hard time letting this excessive fat go. But eventually when you keep up the good work, the fat will also leave those tougher areas.

FYI #3
It’s not possible to transfer fat into muscles, but you can replace fat with new build muscle. Muscles need energy and makes you burn more calories. Instead of endless crunches and sit-ups you should rather train with compound exercises like deadlifts, push-ups and squats. This requires more energy and you’re using multiple muscle groups at the same time. Doing sit-ups and crunches once in a while is absolutely fine, but make sure to vary. Try adding exercises like hanging leg raises or barbell rollouts. This makes your abs stronger and with little body fat you can make them visible. An effective way for extra calorie burning is interval training. Check out some of my H.I.I.T. routines here.

Dedication is key when it comes to creating your tight belly and visible abs. Focusing on only ab exercises won’t give you the much wanted six pack. Burning more energy than comes into your body, combined with a good various workout schedule is the way to go. Find out what works for you and makes you feel healthy, happy and confident!

Hope this helps you girls!

With love,

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