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VIDEO: 23 min. abs workout

Summer is on the way and we all want to get that healthy, sexy and strong beach body. For me, this includes having a healthy looking flat stomach. For you too? Good! Because you can start craving your abs now with a NEW 23 min. Foodie-ness abs workout video.

I must say it again: great abs start in the kitchen. However, another important tool to look lean and slim (and maybe even showing stomach muscles?) is cardio. I suggest you to mix up your routine and doing a High Intensity Interval Training instead of slow steady cardio. Click here to see my before and after photo’s, when changing from a 6 days a week steady cardio routine to a mixed up workout routine.

Besides good food and HIIT, I recommend an abs workout. On today’s 23 min. Foodie-ness abs workout video I’ll show you how I train my core. These exercises are all great for beginners to build up the strength in their abdominals and more advanced fit girls to keep up the progress.

Have you completed my 6-week series of 23 min. Foodie-ness workout videos? If yes? GREAT JOB!! If no, don’t wait any longer and start today at week 1 ūüôā I can ensure you to have a serious healthy bikini body in time for your summer holiday.

Click here to work your legs and bum, abs and here for another effective upper body routine.

One more question…¬†Please girls, tell me if you liked my workout videos? It was the first time I have ever done this and I would love to know if you were motivated/inspired and on fire! More videos..? ūüôā

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