09-07-18 | Move | abs |

My fave summer workouts to shape up and slim down

Is your Summer already packed with plans for lots of fun, food and relaxation? But do you worry a little on how all this goodness will affect your physique? Then read further, because I will share my fave Summer workouts to Read More…

20-02-17 | Move | abs |

5 times how to shape your body with a barre workout

Have you already noticed the booming barre workout trend? I did, but I never knew why it was so crazy popular all of a sudden – until I tried it out myself! In this blog post I give you 5 reasons why the barre workout is the hottest fitness trend to shape your body and why I think Read More…

31-01-17 | Move | abs |

Identify your muscle fiber type and burn fat faster

Did you know your genetics determine a big part of not only your looks, but also how your muscles are set together? This explains why some sports work better for you than others. Since it is quite complicated how this exactly works, I want to try keeping it short and practical for you to determine what works best for your body and how to Read More…

28-07-16 | Move | abs |

How many reps and sets to achieve your body goals?

Summer is in full swing and a lot of people are busy with their summer shape! Today I want to talk about how to match your personal body goals to the best reps-and-sets range. Reps and sets can influence your progression, but how to know how many reps to lift? I’ve been struggling, but now that I know I hope Read More…

02-06-16 | upper body |

VIDEO: 23 min. upper body workout

Yippeee-ya-yay! It’s time for a NEW 23. min Foodie-ness upper body workout video. Fear not, ladies because it’s a common misconception that training your upper-body will cause you Arnold-style-arms. On the contrary, an upper body workout blasts your shoulders, back, chest and arms! Read more…

10-05-16 | upper body |

VIDEO: 23 min. upper body workout

Hi-ha-helloooo! Did you like my first Foodie-ness leg-and bum workout video? If yes, get ready for the next! This 23 min. upper body workout is an intensive routine to blast your shoulders, back, chest and sculpting sexy shoulder muscles. Great results in minimal time! Read more…

23-06-15 | upper body |

Badass chest dips for a fit looking body

Fact: to build a fit looking bikini body, you need to lift your upper body! So what’s an insanely effective exercise to work on your upper body? Chest dips! Let me tell you how to get some fit and toned arms, shoulders, chest and back muscles with dips. Oh and btw: chest dips will also help you to get rid of the dreaded arm jiggle, yippee

Read more…

10-03-15 | upper body |

YES, every girl can do a perfect push-up!

Girls gone strong! The push-up exercise is one of the best all-encompassing exercises. Do you like to strengthen and shape your chest, shoulders, triceps and glutes while toning your core too at the same time? Well get motivated girls, because today I’ll explain how you can perform the basic perfect push-up and YES! every girl can do this! Read more…

26-11-14 | upper body |

Hello bench dips, goodbye dreaded arm jiggle!

Feel like you can’t get rid of the dreaded arm jiggle? Then read this, because hope is not lost! The bench dip exercise is an epic tricep toner and perfect for you to get those toned arms. I’m a big fan, because you can do bench dips whenever, wherever and no Read more…