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My vacay food: how to stay slim while on vacation

Summer vacays = an overload of happy food!! For me vacation usually equals eating unhealthy and letting go a bit too much. And that will leave you end up happy about the foods on your plate, but not so happy about the results on your body. Are you looking forward to a holiday break from your everyday flow, but worried about how to stay slim while on vacation? Then I’ve got some food inspiration for you baby!

About my vacay foods on the go
So vacation usually goes along with letting go of your fit lifestyle. In my previous article I have already gave you some tips on how to stay slim while on vacation, and now I’d like to give you some specific ideas for clean eating while being away from home. Whether you are traveling by car or plain, make sure to bring some food from home for the first day(s). I always like to take along some protein bars, Whey powder,fruit, walnuts and nut butter with me. This takes little space in your suitcase and is a great way to fill up your macro’s while your food intake is different than normal.

You can even bring some homemade banana bread for the first day, but make sure to keep it cool (or refrigerated if you can) so it stays good. For the trip to your destination have some cucumber, snack tomatoes or unsalted nuts and seeds in your hand luggage or a bag you can easily reach, to keep you from buying candy, chips, etc. in the plane or at the gas station. Personally, I always make myself some diet-friendly pancakes because they stay pretty well during travels.

Accommodation problems?
Staying in an apartment has some advantages over a hotel. You can cook (and meal prep) yourself with ingredients you know, and have a better of a grip on your macro’s. But when you are in a hotel it’s a bit harder. Try to go for local dishes but ask the waiter/chef to keep the sauces separate, so you can maybe have it adjusted to your wishes or choose something else if it sounds too unhealthy. Start your day healthy by choosing your breakfast wisely, because you can simply kick-start your metabolism and fat burn with proper breakfast. They probably also serve yoghurt with fruit!

Some of you may have booked all-inclusive, which means you can go full throttle on the buffet, snacks and cocktails. How tempting this may be, I’m sure you’ll feel a lot better when you narrow it down a bit and go for salads, veggies and whole grain options. This also counts for the finger licking good food that the country you’re in is known for, like Belgian waffles, Italian pizza or Turkish baklava: trying some is of course not a crime but don’t go overboard with it! Better idea is to go to food markets. I enjoy the atmosphere there and seeing the cultural differences in food. They always sell local fruit which are great for snacking and cheaper. Maybe they even have some other healthy looking snacks you can try!

So fitties I wish you all a great vacation if you’re still heading to the sun and hope you can easily stay on track with your good food habits! And don’t forget to be too hard on yourself, because it’s all about balance and a little ice cream never-ever-ever hurt somebody 😉

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  • Lysanne

    Hee, superleuk & handig artikel! Heb jij misschien een paar goede tips voor mij want ik loop een beetje vast. Ik ben namelijk al heel lang bezig met sporten en gezond eten, en ik ben al van 63 kg naar 53 gegaan ( in een jaar ) , op zich ben ik nu wel tevreden met mijn gewicht maar ik heb nog steeds te veel buikvet vind ik. Heb je misschien een idee hoe ik dit het best kwijt kan raken? Ik sport nu 4/5 x per week en dan doe ik ongeveer 3 kwartier cardio en daarna buikspieroefeningen.

    • Cathy

      Balans is the key, niet alleen cardioen maar ook Kracht erbij pakken en op je voeding letten dit is het aller belangrijkste bij je “buik vet” je kan wel elke dag buikspieren trainen maar als er een laagje “vet” over zit zie je deze helaas niet! Je zou dus heel laag moeten gaan zitten in je vetpercentage maar probeer hier balans in te vinden zodat je hormoonbalans wel op orde blijft! Raakt deze uit balans krijg je vreetbuien en is al je harde werken voor niets geweest succes xx

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