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My fave summer workouts to shape up and slim down

Is your Summer already packed with plans for lots of fun, food and relaxation? But do you worry a little on how all this goodness will affect your physique? Then read further, because I will share my fave Summer workouts to get through a Summer full of happiness and confidence!

As I’m writing this I’m sweating my butt off, because it is so warm over here! And I’m not even doing anything physical, so let alone getting active… However, exercising should be part of your Summer fit plan to rock some happy bikini confidence! Instead of same old-same old sweaty cardio sessions in the gym, here’s what you could do to shape up and slim down – while still enjoying yourself:

  • Swimming: Whether it’s in a swimming pool or the infinitive ocean, I looove getting in the water! The ideal way to cool off and work on your bikini body at the same time. Do a 30 minute session while challenging yourself in speed, technique and endurance.
  • Beach volleyball: While you’re at the beach to work on your tan, why not combine it with some activity? So get your friends together, grab a ball and enjoy a fun game of volleyball! You won’t even notice you’re working out because of all the laughter 😀
  • Outdoor HIIT: Because we already sweat doing barely nothing, we don’t want to do long hot workouts that are so unattractive at the moment. A good solution is a short but intense workout like HIIT! All you need is some shorts and running shoes and a schedule like this or this.
  • Strength training: When the warmth is making you feel like doing less, you could take it a little slower. Doing a strength training with weights works for your body without the exhaustion. My top 5 favorite weighted exercises to challenge myself and keep it cool are:
    • Bicep curls
    • Tricep extension
    • Walking lunges
    • Shoulder press
    • Deadlift

And don’t forget this to get through your Summer workouts safe and comfortable:

  • Drink enough water during and after a workout to prevent dehydration and headaches
  • Don’t push your limits as you may get fatigue faster than usual with risk to get overheated
  • Put on sunscreen to prevent sunburns, even when it’s cloudy or a shorter workout
  • Plan in early morning workouts while it is still quite cool and comfortable to be active

There you have my list of favorite Summer workouts to get that happy bikini confidence! If you have other Summer workout favorites? Please share with the rest of us! I wanna know hihi

With love,

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