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My daily (ok not always daily) make-up routine

Okay, let’s talk beauty today! Because my last beauty blogs were such a big HIT, I would love to tell you more about my own daily skin and make-up treatment! To share my daily (ok not always daily, but as daily as it can be :-p) make-up routine with you, I have created this special beauty blog. Are you ready to find out my beauty secrets?

“Beauty to me is about feeling comfortable in your own skin. That, or a kick-ass red lipstick.”

Some of you might know that I joined a 10-day no make-up challenge last month, as I completely support the movement of highlighting inner beauty, happiness, and health. I believe every woman is beautiful the way she is and no make-up can beat that! Although this challenge has motivated me to wear less make-up in daily life and embrace the real me, I still really like to dress up a bit for special occasions. So, I don’t wear make-up every day, but when I do you girls send me the sweetest DM’s and questions about the products I use. Here is what my daily make-up routine looks like..

My Basic Skincare

Step 1: Day cream Lancome with SPF15
Step 2: MAC Pro Longwear powder/pressed – colour: dark
Step 3: Chanel powder blush – colour: nr. 82 reflex
Step 4: MAC Prep + prime transparent finishing powder/pressed (against oily skin)

First of all I want to highlight the fact that I am NOT using any foundation, concealers, highlighters, etc. as this can be rather bad for your skin. If you do have problems with getting a smoother skin then I can again recommend to read this blog post on what you can do (and eat!) to get that ultimate natural glow and a super healthy skin!

“Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.”

My Eye Make-up Routine

Step 1: Underneath the eyebrows, on the bone
MAC Matte eye shadow – colour: blanc type matte 2
Step 2: Upper inner lash line
First: MAC Matte eye shadow – colour: blanc type matte 2, second: Anastasia soft glam – colour: orange soda
Step 3: Upper lash line
Anastasia soft glam – colour: burnt orange
Step 4: Upper lash line + eyelid 
Anastasia soft glam – colour: dusty rose
Step 5 : Wings
Anastasia soft glam – colour: cyprus umber
Step 6: Inner corner + lower inner lash line
Anastasia soft glam – colour: glistening
* All Anastasia colours are from the same pallet and need to be blended afterwards
Step 7: Upper lash line (+optional waterline)
MAC eye kohl – colour: teddy
Step 8: Lashes (after curling)
Benefit Beyond Mascara “They’re Real!” – colour: black

On not-so-dpecial-occation-days (read: most of the days :-p) I skip step 1 to 6 and stick to step 7 and 8, as it saves me soooo much time and I don’t feel like I really need it (anymore). Step 1 to 6 I use to set the party vibe!

Extra Care

During the day I use a nourishing lip balm from Elizabeth Arden SPF20 (Eight Hour Cream) and for special occasions I use Lancome l’absolu lacquer – colour: nr. 202. To give my natural look a boost, I paint my eyebrows every 8 weeks, meaning I never use an eye pencil to colour them on a daily basis.

“A smile is the best make-up any woman can wear.”

Well, that was definitely a full list of steps and products! I would really like you to remember though that no make-up product can make you prettier than you already are 😉 Beauty comes from the inside, and as long as you put on your biggest smile and most confident self, you will radiate this to the outer world too!

With love,

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