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My 5 ultimate exercises for strong and sexy legs

Bootybuilding is the new bodybuilding! My bittersweet favorite when it comes to working out: leg day! I love to train my legs, because I can go hard at it, work up a sweat and it makes me feel super strong. Focusing a work-out on the lower part of your body is really great for building strong and sexy legs and today I want to show you there is more than squats – lol!

Doing strength training for your legs makes them very toned and feminine. We all have seen the squat challenges passing by on the internet, because squats are a great way to get yourself some sexy legs. If you ask me, regular bodyweight squats can get boring, so I want to show you there are other very effective exercises and variations to get there too. Variety within a workout is always best. Therefore I’ve got a series of 5 leg exercises for you that I think are ultimate to create those desirable legs and booty! To wear under your Christmas dress maybe..? 😉

Before it’s time to train some strong and sexy legs, here are a few tips:

  1. Make sure to always start with a 5 minute warming-up. Jog in place, run up and down the stairs or do a few burpees; anything that gets your heartbeat up!
  2. Repeat the leg circuit for at least 2 times and try to build it up to 4 rounds.
  3. Recover for 30 seconds after each round.
  4. Don’t forget to drink some water in between, because hydration is key!!
  5. Treat yourself with an upbeat playlist to make the exercising extra fun and energetic.
  6. Listen to your body and be safe – always. It’s good to push yourself, but don’t go over your boundaries.
  7. Always end with a cooling down to stretch your muscles.
  8. Ready? Let’s go!

Exercise 1: Side lunge

Starting position: Stand up straight with your knees slightly bent and place your feet at shoulder width.

Here we go: Step out to the left with your left leg while your right foot stays in place. Bend through your left knee and hips while the right leg stays straight. Try to imagine sitting on a chair, sticking your booty out, but make sure to keep your back straight and look ahead.

Finish: Keep low for a short moment and then push yourself up to the starting position. Immediately go into a lunge to the right side, repeating the same movements with your right leg.

30 reps: 15 repetitions left, 15 repetitions right

Exercise 2: Backward lunge with dumbbells

Starting position: Grab 2 dumbbells with a weight to your preference and stand up straight. Keep your feet shoulder with apart and slightly bend your knees.

Here we go: Take a big step back with your left leg, while bending your knee and hips. Try to go down until the knee almost touches the floor, as it is in line with your upper body and your front knee is above the foot. Keep your back straight at all times.

Finish: Hold it down low for a second and push yourself up till you’re standing upright again. Go into the backward lunge with your right leg after, and repeat the exercise while alternating legs.

20 reps: 10 repetitions left, 10 repetitions right

Exercise 3: Squat and press with dumbbells

Starting position: Take the same position as exercise 2.

Here we go: Bend trough your knees, imagine yourself sitting on a chair. Keep your back straight again and look ahead. Make sure your knees are in line with your feet, so they won’t stick out in front of them. Push yourself up, keeping the tension on your butt, and bring the dumbbells up. Stretch your arms above your head and hold for a moment.

Finish: From the highest point right away you’re going back in the squat position, taking the dumbbells down with you. Make it a controlled movement down.

20 reps: 1 squat and press is 1 repetition

Exercise 4: Glute bridge and march

Starting position: Place a fitness matt on the floor (recommended) and lay down with your arms aside your body, looking up to the ceiling. Place your feet flat on the floor, just in front of your butt.

Here we go: Bring up your booty until you create a straight line from knees to shoulders. Note that your feet, arms, hands, upper shoulder area and head are all on the floor up till this point. Now you’re in the glute bridge, bring up your left leg in a 90 degree angle, like you would be marching.

Finish: Bring your foot back to the floor and then drop your hips to get back in the starting position. From here fluently repeat the exercise with your right leg.

20 reps: 10 repetitions left, 10 repetitions right

Exercise 5: One leg deadlift and dumbbells

Starting position: Take the same position as exercise 2 and 3.

Here we go: Now go stand on your right leg and lift your left leg of the floor. Move your upper body forward and swing back your left leg in a controlled motion. Keep your head and back neutral, getting your back leg and upper body in horizontal position, from head to heel. You can let your arms hanging down. Focus on your balance and really control the whole movement.

Finish: Try to stay in this position for about 2 seconds and then bring your left leg back to the ground to get in the starting position. Repeat the exercise with the other leg.

20 reps: 10 repetitions left, 10 repetitions right

 I hope you will enjoy this workout girls! Try to perform this workout at home, at the park (just like I did during a sunny winter day!), at the gym and with your workout buddy. Fun guaranteed 🙂 Oh and! Please leave me a message if you would like to see my workout routines on the Foodie-ness blog more often? Thanks a lot!

With love,

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