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Jump ropes make you burn fat fast!

Can’t make it to the gym today and still need to do your workout? I guess we’re all familiar with that! Read here how you can still burn more than 10 calories a minute with just 1 single (fun) tool: a jumping rope!

Jumping ropes are an effective way to do a burn fat fast in a cardio session at home or even when you’re on the go because you can easily carry it with you. Buying your own jumping rope is a small investment for a high intensity training of strengthening your legs, butt, arms and shoulders. I like it even more because it’s a fast way of working out and it doesn’t take a long time to reap major rewards.

Start right now! Remember how this used to be fun when you were younger and playing outside with your friends? Well it’s going to be fun again. That childhood nostalgia can now help you burn more calories with this single exercise than with many others. I prefer to do a 4 times a set (see below) in order to burn more than 200 calories! Start with double-leg jumps and try to change that with single-leg jumps. Do the single-leg jumps with continuously jumping on one leg for 50 jumps and than switch to the other for the next 50 jumps.

JUMPING ROPE: 4 sets of 100 jumps 
1. Stand with your body straight up. Hold the jump rope with your elbows against your body at a 45-degree angle and your palms facing upward.
2. Now here comes the jump! Jump a few inches up from the ground with your knees slightly bent, so that the rope has room to pass under your feet. Note: The rotating force comes from your wrists and forearms!

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