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Jump into a lunge for an extremely fit lower body

Jump into your lunge for super strong and toned legs! Although the standard- and walking lunges are quite familiar for it’s amazing effect on your legs and butt, adding a jump into this exercise will increase the burn tremendously! Today I’ll explain why it’s highly recommendable to integrate lunge exercises into your leg-day workout and how you can perform the jump lunge!

It’s a big plus that you can perform the jump lunge exercise almost anywhere. As you’re only using your bodyweight, you’re not depending on training materials. Doing a jump lunge will make you work on your stability, power, balance and speed. The muscles you are working on are your quads, glutes and hamstrings. It’s funny how jumping around makes me smile and having fun while I’m sweating like crazy!!

Here’s how you do it:
1. Start position: Bring your body into a normal lunge position; with front leg at a 90 degree angle and your back leg behind you.
2. Next, squat your body explosively up into a “jump”.
3. While you’re up in the air make sure you replace your feet; move your front leg in the back and your back leg in the front.
4. Come back to the ground into lunge start position with opposite legs.
TIP: Make sure you keep your chest and torso upright and engaged in the jump throughout entire movement.

GO! I prefer to do 30 reps (15 per leg) and repeat this 4 times.
This exercise is doable for beginners as well as advanced fit girls, so everyone can do this! You can easily add weights to this exercise to become stronger and stronger.



  • Kim

    Ik doe zelf ook regelmatig lunges. Alleen dan niet de jumping versie, maar de gewone versie. Ook doe ik 2x per week squats 🙂 Ook heel effectieve oefeningen voor je benen/billen.

    • Carolina van Dorenmalen Post author

      Hi Kim,

      wat leuk dat je een reactie hebt achter gelaten! 🙂
      Wat goed dat je squat – you go girl! Squats zijn nooit een slecht idee haha. Probeer de jumping lunges een keer te doen, je zal het verschil wel voelen denk ik zo!

      Succes met sporten en ik wens je alvast een fijn weekend.


  • Roy

    Push-up – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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  • Justine Wise

    Yup, the lunge is a lower body workout that trains your maximum lower muscular section as compared to your upper body. It mostly works on the quadriceps for making up the thighs. Apart from that, it strengthens the gluteus maximus, the adductor magnus, and calves. As shaping backside is becoming more fashionable nowadays, so I think it will be better to incorporate the lunge exercise into your workout routine so that you can easily discover an extremely fit lower body. N.B- Start this physical-jerk with one or two sets and after two or three weeks, attempt different versions of this drilling, by which you can increase your workout effectiveness without causing back and joint injuries.

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