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How to stay healthy on the weekend? 5 TIPS!

For most people the weekend is the best part of the week, and I am one of them! I enjoy having free time with my family, my friends and especially my hubby. But sometimes the best activities of my social life means the worst for my diet and workout routine. Recognizable? Today I want to give you my TOP 5 tips on how to stay healthy on the weekend!

Sticking to your diet is not always easy. Especially during the weekends! Let’s be honest, calories just shouldn’t count on the weekend :p I personally find it hard to resist temptation to all that is NOT good for my bikini body goals. I think the explanation is simple: during the week everything is so well planned and structured for me, it is almost impossible to get seduced by not making enough minutes in the gym or giving in to a sugar rush. But how to deal with the spontaneous fun and temptations of the weekend? Below you find my TOP 5 tips on how to enjoy weekend-fun and stay committed to your body goals at the same time.

  1. Add more sweaty minutes

The best part about the weekend is: you are off dutyyyyy! Steal a little bit of this free time to enjoy a longer workout. Use the weekend as a time to refresh your workout routine and get more activity in without feeling rushed.

  1. Enjoy some outdoor adventure

Now that spring is in the air, the weekend provides a nice opportunity to go outside. Heading outside can boost your body’s production of vitamin D and makes you feel happier.

  1. Plan no plans

Leave some room for some downtime. Whether it’s listening to your favorite tunes, dancing in the mirror or doing completely nothing, doing this for at least an hour or two can help you recharge.

  1. Healthy options are still your number 1

Start your food party by loading up on the healthiest items first. So you fill up a little before you start indulging on the non-healthy options. Don’t think you can’t eat anymore when you have already eaten bad foods, because your body is still in the need of it’s nutrition.

  1. Alternate alcohol on party’s

When drinking alcohol, go for the skinnier options like for example vodka mixed with sparkling water. Especially when you’re going to be having several drinks. Also alternate between alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks and eat something healthy before you start. For more tips on how to combine alcohol with your diet, read here!

How do you stay healthy on the weekend girls? Any other tips and tricks? Tell me, I’d love to know! 🙂

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