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How to jumpstart your body with breakfast!

Jumpstart your body everyday – first thing in the morning! Today I share 5 simple reasons with you, why your breakfast is the most important nutritious meal of the day and must be in your morning routine. I promise you, girls that some yummy-breakfast-meal in the morning will make you shine whole day!

1. Boost your energy level!
A nutritious meal can give you the energy you need to start your day rise and shine and will keep you full till lunch. Fiber, vitamin C and vitamin D are examples of the many nutrients that will increase your level of energy and should always be combined with proteins and oats.

2. Better focus
A full stomach = more energy = better focus.

3. Prevent yourself from gaining weight
Research has shown: when you skip your breakfast you will most likely overeat during lunch and dinner. This way your body will be encouraged to store calories in stead of burning them.

4. Kickstart your metabolism
Your metabolism will decrease during sleeping hours. With breakfast you will jumpstart your metabolism and encourage your body to burn calories throughout the day.

5. Heart problems
Also proven by researches is that people who have years-long habit of skipping breakfast show higher results of cholesterol, LDL and insulin levels. Prevent yourself from heart disease and start your day with a yummy breakfast!

Want to know what to consume for breakfast and see examples of how to do it? Find all your healthy & delicious recipes under the ‘food’ tab and enjoy!;)

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