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How to become a wall sit master

Are you ready to become a wall sit master? This workout will make your legs shake like crazy before they will (!) get toned and fit. The “wall sit” exercise looks simple but it secretly requires some girl power and may be called a real challenge. Let’s get started girls, because you’re gonna love the boost to your legs!

Normally I try to include this exercise now and then in my leg day workout routine, because it tones up your leg and butt muscles to the max. You will also experience increasing total body strength when you perform this exercise for a longer period.

During my trip to Thailand I was so desperate to train my legs and perform the “wall sit”, but there were no walls on the beach so I picked out this palm tree in the shadow. It’s a big plus that you can perform this exercise almost anywhere! Do you want to workout at home, outside or at the gym? Go for a wall sit. Please note that the perfect technique requires a wall to lean against with your back, but hey! Who doesn’t get happy from demonstration pictures with a sunny glow..;)

1. Make sure your legs are at a 90-degree angle
2. Press your back against the wall
3. Hold it

How long?
When I integrate this exercise into a 1 hour workout I prefer to do 5 sets of 1 minute. My advice to all the beginners is to start this exercise with holding the wall sit until you can hold it no longer (+10 sec) and use that time as a starting point to extend it.

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