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How to beat weight gain and stay fit on vacation

So you’ve worked your ass off to get in shape for summer and your warm-weather vacation is finally there: awesome! But how should you manage your holiday in order to don’t undo all your hard work once you get there with an overindulgent week? Today I’m sharing my tips to enjoy your holiday while beating weight gain and feeling your best in your bikini – without a full-on fitness routine!

Holidays are for rest, new adventures, fun and relaxations. A diet and workout routine is not really part of that picture, but there are some tips you can incorporate daily to keep that fit body no matter how much relaxing and resting you do.

1. Early bird short workout
I prefer to wake up early and go for a run or swim first thing in the morning. With a banana, some protein and a big smile I’m ready for a HIIT. I choose a HIIT because it won’t take me so much time and I don’t have to workout so long in the warm weather. By running early in the morning you won’t disturb your family or friends you are on vacation with and the temperature is still do-able. It also allows you to explore the area and enjoy the beautiful view of your holiday destination. It will take only a few minutes of your time and you’ll feel so strong for the rest of the day! Click here to read more about my favorite HIIT!

2. Lean protein and veggies
No matter where you are, try to avoid sugar, processed foods and simple carbs! It’s ok to do it once, but don’t get crazy. Whenever I’m on holiday I’m always bound to find fresh and healthy (high) protein and (high) fiber in each meal. I always visit the supermarket first when I arrive, so I have some basic healthy foods in my apartment – ready to eat and to bring with you on vaca activities! For example fruit, veggies, nuts..

3. Walk!
Utilize walking as your mode of transportation, girls! Whenever it’s possible I choose to walk to my destination. Especially after a late night dinner. A small walking session will add up to a killer calorie burn before you go to sleep. I try to walk before and after my meals. So try to walk daily on your vacation to keep that slim feeling. Oh and! A walk on the beach is a good one for your tan and relaxation too! Click here to read more about the 3 in 1 weight loss benefits of a night walk.

4. Consume alcohol smart
Like I mentioned before, it’s OK to consume a cocktail, ice cream or a meal you really enjoy – but don’t make this the center of your holiday! Try to maintain the following rule; 1 splurge meal per day. Alcoholic drinks count as “indulgent food” too. If you keep the rest of your meals healthy, low-carb and low-calorie you will enjoy your holiday without being deprived. Want to know more about how to consume alcohol best without messing up your bikini body goals? Click here for all the tips you need to know!

Last but not least: HYDRATION! Make sure you drink enough water and whenever it’s possible, start your day with a glass of lemon water (read here why!). I hope these tips will help you as much as they work for me. Please keep in mind that it’s ok to let go a little: have fun and don’t feel guilty! Your body won’t lose it in one week 🙂


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