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How many reps and sets to achieve your body goals?

Summer is in full swing and a lot of people are busy with their summer shape! Today I want to talk about how to match your personal body goals to the best reps-and-sets range. Reps and sets can influence your progression, but how to know how many reps to lift? I’ve been struggling, but now that I know I hope I can help you with that.

I’ve been working on my body for quite some time now, but when I started my fit journey I didn’t think that there would be so many different ways to work on achieving a fit body. When you’re going to do weight training, the effects of it is defined by the amount of repetitions and sets (group of reps) you do. Weight lifting can be divided into three main goals to achieve: building muscle, getting stronger and creating more endurance of your muscles.

Step 1: Set one of those goals for yourself. You need to define what you want in order to get there. Step 2: how many reps and sets to achieve your goal? Is getting stronger your main goal? Then making sets with less reps will help you get there. Make about 3-5 reps and do 5-8 sets of those. If you want to build muscle and define your body with nice lines, the general rule is to make 6-12 reps in 3-5 sets. Doing more than 12 reps with 2-3 sets, makes your muscles able to last longer. When you are doing your routine within a wider range of sets and reps, your body will feel effect within more than just one of those categories. If you only use your own bodyweight when working out, you can make higher reps and 3-6 sets to get a lean and strong hot body!

What also counts is the speed of your reps, how heavy you lift, and how much rest you take between sets and reps, but I will tell you more about that in a follow-up blog if you like? 😉

Important note: Never forget that not every body works the same so you’d always have to experience what works for your own body! Combined with a good technique and the right food choices, you will have a killer body in no time! I would love to hear how many reps and sets you fitties are doing for your workouts? Please let me know!

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