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Healthy feet? 5 tips to find the happiest footwear!

Our feet have to deal with a lot more than we realize. Each day they have to carry you around from one place to another. So with all that responsibility we should treat our feet with the best care. Find out how to get healthy feet with the right footwear!

“Healthy feet are happy feet”

Shoes are not only a fashion item – really 😉 They are actually to protect your feet from all discomforts we can run into. Finding the happiest footwear is key for keeping your feet healthy. Here are my 5 essential tips:

1 Perfect fit
Nothing worse than a shoe that doesn’t fit right. It should feel firm, but not tight, as you won’t really walk them wider. You toes need to have enough space to move properly. Don’t forget to try on both shoes when shopping, as it’s completely normal for your feet to be a bit different from each other.

2 Measure it
The best way to find out what size your feet are, is by measuring. You can have that done in a store, or just measure yourself as good as you can. Use a size chart to determine your best size. Especially for shopping online this makes the chance of a receiving a fitted shoe much higher!

3 Good base
A solid sole is essential for support and stability. Also a good grip on the underground is needed to prevent slipping or spraining. It should be strong and flexy at the same time. You may know that I looove Birkenstock for their good solid shoes!

Did you hear Birkenstock now has a new care line? It has some very lovely products to pamper tired feet and protect them in the best way. A much wanted addition for healthy feet if you ask me!

4 Shopping time
If you go shoe shopping make sure to do that at the end of the day rather than the beginning. That is because your feet are a bit swollen later in the day. You don’t want to buy shoes to find out they actually don’t fit quite right later on.

5 Comfort first
I know the struggle for wearing fashionable shoes is real… Some of the most awesome shoes are really the worst for your feet. Though if you look in the right direction you can also find lots of cute shoes that are better for the feet. So keep that in mind and limit wearing those killer heels only to occasional parties, your feet will thank you for it 🙂

There you have my tips to get yourself the best and happiest footwear for healthy feet! What are your favorite kind of shoes and how much do you own? I don’t even know where to put all of mine anymore, but a girl can never have too many shoes right?!

With love,

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