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Frozen Summer treat: mango ice lollipops (only 50 kcal!)

These Summer days can get pretty warm and we know what that calls for… ice cream! Who doesn’t like a cold treat on a hot sunny day? Now it can get even better with homemade mango ice lollipops (50 kcal only!). The easiest to make, all natural, diet friendly and with only 3 ingredients. Check out how to make these frozen tropical beauties yourself!

“Life is like ice cream, enjoy it before it melts”

In Summer it can be very tempting to make a daily trip to your nearby ice cream shop to enjoy a few scoops of yummy gelato. Or to stack your freezer with Magnums and what not, to be within reach whenever we need to cool down. But we all know that this isn’t quite the way to a Summer body and good health. So to get you through the warmer days in a more health way, I’ve got a 3 ingredient recipe for you! I love the tropical taste of these mango ice lollipops that don’t contain any refined sugar, dairy or artificial sweeteners.

For this recipe you’ll need some ice cream molds, which are easy to find cheap at almost any store in summer. It’s super easy and healthy with nothing but yummy flavors. Get started now because it needs some freezing time, though it’s definitely worth the wait!

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– 2 ripe mangos
– 250 ml coconut milk
– 1/2 lime


Energy: 50 kcal
Carbs: 10,6 g
Protein: 0,6 g
Fat: 1,2 g
Fiber: 1,2 g


  1. Peel the mangos and cut the flesh around the pit into small pieces.
  2. Put the mango pieces together with the juice of the lime in a blender or kitchen machine and mix to a liquid substance.
  3. Add the coconut milk and mix for another short moment.
  4. Take your ice cream molds and fill with the mango-coconut mixture.
  5. Put the lollipops in the freezer for at least 5 hours before they are ready to enjoy!


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  • Apsawra Liza

    Dear Carolina,

    Nice recipe you’ve shared. “MANGO ICE LOLLIPOPS” that’s a great one for me as after reading your tips I would like to make this for my family members…

    Thanks for the share…

    Apsawra Liza
    Health Eighteen

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