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From Mallorca with love and happiness

It has been a couple of amazing days on my favorite island Mallorca, but now that I’m back home it’s time to share it all with you! For me Mallorca represents a place full of precious memories, love and happiness and today I want to tell you why. And let’s not forget all the great food, drinks, scenery and beaches. Are you ready for a Mallorca-vacay spam?

Around 30 years ago, my parents have met each other on Mallorca. They fell in love, got married and welcomed my little sissy and me to this world. Ever since, they go back each summer to the same place on the island and even the same hotel. With their kids and over the years the made friends who came along each year. One couple of this group of friends had a child around the same age of me and so they dropped us in the kids club of the hotel. His name was Danny and I was forced to do archery with him.

When I was at the age of eleven, it was stupid and absolutely not cool to play with boys and so that’s how I felt. Stubborn. However, this guy turned out to be pretty cool, sweet and good looking! As far as you can fall in love at such a young age, we did. We fell in love and had a holiday romance with a first kiss at the kids playground. We never lost each other out of sight and nowadays (I’m 27 years old!!) he’s my boyfriend, my partner, my biggest love and we live together.

I’ve already told it on my social media channels, but this is the reason why Mallorca holds these special memories for me, and my family. Whenever we are there it’s like we’re surrounded with love and it feels like home 🙂

Enough about the luffy-duffy-stuffy! I just wanted to tell you a little more about my personal life, but now it’s time to show you the photo’s from this holiday. No need to say I’ve been cheating a lot, working out less and enjoyed the good life to the fullest! It’s all about balance and I think I nailed it (again) this holiday ha ha. Have you seen my previous blog post in which I’ve told you how I try to stay slim while on my vacation? Click here to read all my tips!

What to do when you have eaten way tooooo much (bad) foods and you feel all blown up at the end of your holiday, but still want to enter the beach? Tadaaaaaa, meet my new favorite once-piece swimwear solution below! :p Easy does it ha ha

Thank you so much for reading my vacay blog post aka vacay spam! If you’re planning to visit Mallorca this summer and you’re in the need of tips, tricks and food hotspots? Just write me a message, I’m more than happy to help you wherever I can 🙂

Now it’s time to get back to “business” and I can already tell you there are some new delish & healthy recipes on it’s wayyyyy. But first.. let’s do my laundry…

With love,

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  • Sophia

    Great post! I’m visiting Mallorca next week, any tips on where to eat for dinner? 😀

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