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Foodie-ness food diary: eating with Carolina for a day

It has been a while since I last shared a food diary with all of you, and I’ve received quite some requests for this lately. Enjoying good food while staying in shape doesn’t have to be hard, you just need to know what foods are yummy and contribute to a healthy and happy body! That’s why I decided it was time for another Foodie-ness food diary again to show how I do this. AND.. I’ve asked a nutritionist expert to review and provide some feedback to it (see below).

I start my day with a large glass of water – a great way to get the digestion in on-modus again after a good night sleep. Most days I add the juice of ½ a lemon, but when we’re out of lemons I’m having it plain. Water is always an important part of your diet, so make sure to drink plenty!

As much as I looove warm oats, at this time of year I prefer to have something cold for breakfast. For this day I had 250 g. low fat quark, with a tbsp. flaxseed, a tbsp. sunflower seeds, ½ mango, and a big hand of blueberries. Fruit is nature’s candy (no need for added sugars!) and is a great base for an energetic day!

Because my breakfast was a little late, I skipped the morning snacky-time. Before lunch I did my workout, so it was time for something filling and rich in protein. I had two whole grain spelt crackers, covered with a layer of Becel (the one with avocado and lemon oil tastes really good!) and two boiled eggs. On the side I had a small salad with mixed greens, cherry tomatoes, radish, carrot, and 70 g. smoked chicken, with some balsamic as dressing.

Afternoon snack
Today I felt like a hearty snack! Do you remember the recipe my hubby came up with for a healthy tuna salad? It’s so delicious and you can combine it with whatever. With a thick layer on ½ cucumber it was a lovely fresh afternoon snack. More inspiration for no-guilt snacks can be found here.

Time for dinner 🙂 Had about 200 g. grilled zucchini and eggplant with 60 g. whole wheat penne pasta, 100 g. black beans for protein and some tomato puree. To get the best out of my grilled veggies I use the olive oil blend from Becel, which actually contains a higheramount of the good omega 3 fatty acids than regular olive oil. Lately I’ve been eating more plant-based proteins instead of animal proteins. A high red meat consumption has been associated with a higher risk for specific chronic diseases, therefore, I try to find a good balance between the consumption of animal- and plant protein.

Late night snack
Though my stomach was filled well with dinner, I was into a little snack to fit a relaxed and cozy Netflix night with my hubby. Took a small hand of raw and unsalted cashews and enjoyed a nice piece of dark chocolate, to satisfy my sweet tooth for the day 😉

Feedback from a nutritionist:

“I can definitely tell Carolina is consciously making decisions in her food intake. Her food diary shows a lot of varietyand she consumes the required daily amount of vitamins and minerals to let her body function properly.

The positive aspects of her food pattern:
– Carolina’s diet is rich in fiber as it includes big amounts of fruit, veggies and whole grain crackers and pasta.
– For spreading and cooking, Carolina used margarines; margarine as underlayer from a tub, and the liquid version for cooking). A healthy choice to boost her intake of unsaturated fats.
– Her calorie intake corresponds with the calorie needs per day for her height and age.
– A piece of (very) dark chocolate is the perfect way to end your day, but make sure to keep it to one piece.. 😉

What Carolina could improve:
– Carolina’s daily intake of so-called macro-nutrients could be a bit more balanced (when compared with the general nutritional recommendations). Her protein intake could do with a little less, and she could do with a little more carbs. – One way to increase her carb intake would be to include some bread in her diet. In the Netherlands almost all bread has been enriched with Iodine. It is very difficult to consume Iodine via other types of foods but we do need it for normal functioning of the nervous system and the normal production of thyroid hormones.
– Carolina starts her day with a large glass of water with lemon juice. This is a good thing, but try to vary with a cup of tea or coffee.
– The dietary recommendations also include the consumption of dairy, although, you could go without. It would be wise to include a glass of milk and 1 ½ slice of cheese to meet the required daily quantity of calcium.
– Although meat contains many positive nutrients; try to limit your weekly (red) meat consumption. At least twice a week, choose some protein rich alternatives instead (fish, egg, nuts, and legumes). To swap animal-based foods (often relatively high in saturated fats) for plant based foods on a regular basis is not only good for your body (asfor one reason that replacement of saturated fat by unsaturated fat helps to reduce blood cholesterol), but also to reduce for the environmental impact associated with animal-based foods.”

This was the Foodie-ness food diary for a day!
I hope you enjoyed reading the feedback too! My food intake differs each day, depending on what I’m feeling I like to have. Variation in food is always key for optimal health. Some days I eat 6 meals, sometimes 4 – depending on what my body asks for. Remember that this is a personal food diary and what works for me doesn’t necessarily have to work for you as well. See it as an example of how you could fill in your daily diet, but always listen to what your own body needs.

Don’t hesitate to ask me if you have any questions about my food intake, lovely ladies! And do share if you are interested in more of these food diaries.

With love,

*This blog post was made in collaboration with Becel, but has had no effect on my opinion.

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  • Daniëlle

    Hi Carolina,

    Super leuke en inspirerende diary! Thanx 🙂 Vraagje; je past en rijst wat je vaak in de avond eet, is dat 60 gram gekookt of ongekookt gewogen? Random vraagje, I know! Maar ik ben benieuwd naar je antwoord.. bedankt alvast!

    Liefs xxx

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