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Feeling tired? 3 tips to get your energy boosted!

By now everybody probably is back from their vacay’s, back to school or work and the weather is slowly turning… Yes, summer is officially over. And with all that you might be experiencing a little post-summer blues (just like me!), which can result in feeling less energized. But there are ways to get over this tired feeling and get your energy boosted again, and today I’m sharing my 3 tips with you!

We all tend to blame fatigue on a too-busy lifestyle and whether you have been on a vacation abroad, or enjoyed a holiday at home with your friends and family, it’s always a bit of a downer when life gets ‘back to normal’. Personally, I feel that I need to get my energy back and resume my healthy lifestyle, because I have also been less on track during summer. But you have probably already read about it in this blog post.

Being organized is being in control
What always helps me to get started is cleaning my house. Getting everything organized and fresh, maybe changing some things in the interior creates a new atmosphere and always feels good! But besides cleaning my house, it actually helps me to clean up my mind too. Having negative thoughts (uncertainties, dilemmas, stress, choices, etc.) cost a lot of energy and it won’t get you anywhere. Thinking positive and focusing on the good things in your life really lifts up your energy! Give yourself some me-time every once in a while and create an environment to get relaxed, organized and focused. Never forget to regularly give yourself a break from any hectic that might be going on, and get zennnnn.

The best way to shed negative energy: workout!
Though it can be hard to get started when you don’t feel like it, exercising regularly is one of the best ways to feel energetic and happy! Convince yourself of all the positive effects coming from it and just start slowly if necessary – that’s ok. Setting a new goal for yourself can generate new energy to get back where you left off. For example: you wanted to have visible abs to show off in your bikini, but now bikini season is over, you’re not sure what to train for. Creating a new goal to work towards gets you focused and can makes it easier to proceed your fit lifestyle. This works for other non-fitness related thing too. Starting a new project of your interest can be very exciting, give you energy and thus give you a better mood.

Food is your body’s fuel
When you haven’t really been eating right with all those pleasing summer barbecues and cocktails, it’s time to get back to healthy food, because your diet plays a huge role in your energy levels. Choose real food and drink enough water. Grabbing coffee or sugary snacks to feel better and energized is a no-go(!), as it will only give you a short high and gets you feeling even more tired really fast. Start your day with a good energizing breakfast (click here to read how!), full of protein and complex carbs. Fibers help extend the energy coming from carbs, so add some fruit too. Other energy boosters are sweet potatoes, leafy greens, milk, eggs, bananas, chia seeds, nuts (not too much), avocados and even dark chocolate. Having trouble to get your food habits right? Read this article to make your own healthy diet plan in seven simple steps.

Now go and get your energy boosted tigers! Give these tips a try (like really!!) and I’m sure you will feel energetic in no time. Pinky promise 😉

Why be moody when you can shake your booty?

With love,

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  • Jenny

    Hoi Carolina! Wat ben je een leuke ontdekking! Ontzettend leuke site en ook helemaal fan van je youtube account.
    Daarnaast ben ik erg benieuwd naar je e-book! Ik meende dat je je moest ingeschrijven voor de nieuwsbrief voor het e-book.. Of moet deze ergens besteld worden? Liefs Jenny

    • Carolina van Dorenmalen Post author

      Hi Jenny!

      Wat een onwijs lief en leuk berichtje zeg, bedankt 🙂

      Super leuk om je zo te e-meeten en ik heb je zojuist een mailtje gestuurd met de link om het e-book te downloaden! Ik dacht wel zo leuk, kan ik je meteen heel veel plezier wensen hihi

      Ik hoop dat het je goed bevalt en voor vragen weet je me te vinden!

      Fijne avond en liefs,

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