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Feeling stressed and anxious? This is how to beat it now!

Stress is everywhere. Heavy workload at work, a houshold you need to run day after day, the free time you are looking for to complete at least one workout, your friends and family you want to give your full attention, the phone that keeps ringing and the hairdresser you want to visit on time. Recognizable? This is my secret for stressmanagement.

Personally, I always feel like I’m running from A to B in combination with a never ending to-do list. Whenever people ask me how I’m doing, I’m always giving the same answer: “ GOOD.. and busy, but mostly good”. And I continue my answer by telling the person who asks (and maybe even more to myself) that I really need to change my agenda, because I’m feeling stressed and again had another night of no sleep.

There are many ways to manage stressmanagement, but there’s one I would like to highlight today. Yoga. Yoga used to be one of the things that was at the bottom of my to-do list forever and I never made it a HIGH priority. But, last week I decided to follow a yoga class at my gym and experienced the amazing health benefit for my body and mind – again. I knew I wanted to share this with you on the blog and make it a topic.

Yoga is a mind & body practice that brings together mental and physical disciplines that may help you to achieve peace, rest and control in your mind and body. All this can help you to relax in a busy period and manage stress and anxiety.

1. Controlling breathing
Breathing goes naturally and is something we (thank god!) do automatically. However, being in control of your breathing is an important piece of work when you want to beat your feelings of stress and anxiety. How to control your breathing and to do it properly is something yoga can teach you. With the result that you can be in control of your body and “quiet” your mind when it’s needed.

2. Meditation
There are several yoga classes and in a different way and level they all incorporate meditation. To practice meditation helps you to learn to be in control of your (busy) mind and thus to be more mindful. Personally, this helps me to be more present in the moment without thinking about the other 100 things I need to do tomorrow, next week or even next month. And that again helps me to be more relaxed in the present moment, in stead of feeling stressed and anxious about what is yet to come.

To make a long story short, yoga is worth trying and I wanted to do more than just sharing this message via a blog post on Foodie-ness. Therefore I decided to set up a cool project together with SportCity, my gym in Amsterdam. Next week, from October 24 till October 30, SportCity will organize a Body & Mind week to let us experience (for free) all their different yoga classes. Obviously I will be there too and I wanted to ask all the Dutch yogies to come and follow a yoga class together. Wanna know how you can subscribe? Stay tuned to my social media channels or click here for more info.

I hope you have found this blog post helpful and that it will give you a proper dose of motivation to get started and fight stress and anxiety! Because let’s be honest, feeling relaxed and happy is so much better right? 😉

With love,

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