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Fast weight gain recovery: this is how!

I’m kind of sad, because the holiday season with all its fun and magic is already over. Now everything is getting back to normal again, including our eating habits. We’ve enjoyed a period of good food and being less strict, which may have caused some weight gain? It definitely did to me! Although this isn’t something to be worried about, we don’t want to keep these extra Christmas kilo’s for the rest of the year! Read here how to lose this weight in a fast and healthy way.

Go for healthy
We want to give our bodies the best nutrients and stay of the processed foods. I admit that last month I cheated a little from this like most people, but it doesn’t matter much, because it was only temporary. Ditch the party food and choose fresh food packed with vitamins and minerals. Eating veggies, healthy fats and whole grains will get you full in a good way. When you go for health rather than how you look, the journey will also be easier to keep up.

Count your macros
Tracking your calorie intake can be really helpful when you’re working on your physique. Counting macronutrients makes you aware of what you’re filling your body with and what might be too much or lacking. Make sure to get in enough protein as this helps to recover and rebuild. Find a balance that works for you and fuel your body with the best ingredients.

Get active
Now that Christmas is behind us, suddenly it feels like having loads of spare time! This means we can spend time on our fitness game again. Hitting the gym hard can be really effective for getting back in shape in no time. Doing some extra cardio can fasten up your weight loss, but don’t forget that strength training is just as important for building a fit body. Not really into fitness? Find other ways to be active, like going places by bike instead of car. One of my favorite winter activities is going ice skating, which burns around 350 calories an hour while having lots of fun!

Be mindful
Getting in shape isn’t only a food and activity issue, but it is also in your mind. Don’t feel down or guilty if you made some poor food and fitness choices lately, just pick up where you left of. Creating a positive mind will make it so much easier for yourself. Reduce stress and find inspiration around you. Be mindful of the things you do and appreciate the food you’re taking in.

Make a realistic plan
With the new year started, we like to make plans for creating whole new body types in the shortest amount of time. It doesn’t work like this though and this will only get you frustrated. What you should do is getting realistic and setting up a plan with smaller steps. Make a plan you can accomplish. It might not go as fast as you want, but you will succeed! Just start with creating a healthy lifestyle and give yourself the time to create a new you.

Keep up like this, even when you have days that seem like you won’t get where you want to be, because giving up definitely won’t help. Don’t worry too much about a little extra weight. Appreciate the great times you had this season and look forward to all the chances this new year will bring!

With love,

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