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Eat out and stay healthy: 9 tips!

This is a blog post live from my accommodation on the beautiful island Ibiza and today I wanna talk about the dining out do’s and don’ts! My days here are filled with food, food and more food. Though I try to stay in balance and don’t over-cheat-it, going out to have dinner is one of the things I simply looooove to do.. but can be a challenge too. Today I want to share my TOP 9 tips to eat out and stay healthy – in the most yummy way!

Wining and dining all night long, while enjoying the best food from Ibiza can be really satisfying, but also a little frustrating at the same time… Eating out is often a challenge for fit girls, because it’s hard to keep it healthy when you go somewhere you have less control over the foods you consume. But it doesn’t have to be that way! Here are a few tips on what to eat and how to deal with going to restaurants!

1. Check out the menu in advance
When you are looking for which restaurant to go to, check out the menu before going there. This will give you a good idea whether  they serve healthy-proof options and keep you from making rushed decisions while at the restaurant.

2. Leave the bread alone
Sorry girls, but that appealing bread basket with garlic butter staring at you from the table, is not a good idea to dig in to (empty calories) even though you might be starving! It usually takes a while before you’re getting your first dish, so make sure to have a light snack at home rather than taking off with an empty stomach, to avoid being too hungry and satisfy it with bread.

3. Opt for the lean cuisine
The menu usually offers a wide variety of food, so make sure to choose the ones that fit your diet. Go for high protein and low fat, like a lean steak, chicken breast or fish, and/or choose something filling low in calories, like soup, salad and extra veggies on the side.

4. Customize your meal
In most restaurant it’s no problem at all to make some adjustments to the meals, by asking for something grilled instead of fried, the dressing on the side, etc. (remember you are paying them for it so don’t feel ashamed!).

5. Ask for extra veggies
Most main dishes come with French fries or fried potatoes (along with a big blob of mayonnaise), which won’t do your body any good. Instead you could ask for an extra portion of vegetables: tasty, full of fibers and you can eat as many as you want from it!

6. Stay low on the alcoholic drinks
Wine and cocktails can be very tempting and satisfying, but it won’t help you to keep your body bikini ready. It’s best to stick with water or make sure to have no more than one or two soda’s or alcoholic beverages. Click here to read how to best combine alcohol with a healthy lifestyle and a bikini body mission!

7. Don’t go for all the courses
As much as we love to have something from all sections of the menu, this is not the best way to go. If you don’t want to over-eat, try to stick with only a starter and main course, or a main course and a dessert. Personally I prefer the main course and a dessert :p

8. Choose a healthier dessert
When you do go for the dessert, try one that is not a calorie bomb (like chocolate cake) but get something lighter, like frozen yoghurt or a fruit salad. Another option is to share a dessert with someone you’re with.

9. Enjoy!!!
In the end, the most important thing is enjoying your night out. You don’t want your concerns about eating healthy to become your main focus, at the expense of the good time you actually should have. If you overdo it one night, just make sure to be back on track with your healthy habits the days after. It’s all about balance and a good cheat night out can be pretty good actually!

Have you already read my blog post about how to best recover from a cheat day (or two!)? Click here to read my 4 tips!

I hope you got inspired after ready my 9 tips on how to eat out and stay healthy, but don’t take it too serious girls! Sometimes we need to think a little less to live a little more 😉

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