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Colorful infused water bottles: calorie-free and sugar-free

Every day it’s a challenge to drink enough water. Although I’m aware of the importance and many health benefits of proper hydration, it gets kind of boring sometimes. Do you feel the same way? Well good news, because there’s a way to make it fun and like a treat! Let me present to you: colorful fruit and herb celebrations in water bottles!

In comparison to sugar (loaded) drinks, infused water is calorie-free with no sugar added. At first I started with adding thin slices lemon into my water bottle, because I’ve seen that before in restaurants. I loved the refreshing taste and that’s when I started to experiment with fruit, vegetables, herbs and spices. If you’r not that into drinking water, you should definitely try below options to make infused water.

Fruit: Apples, pears, melon, tropical fruits, berries, lemon
Herbs: Mint, basil, thyme, rosemary, parsley
Veggies: Cucumber, fennel, carrots, celery
Spices: Vanilla bean, cloves, ginger, cinnamon sticks

Fill a large bottle of water (filtered water is the best, but tap water is fine too) and add the fruit, herbs, veggies or spices. Make sure you was the add-ins before. Let the water sit for an hour to allow the flavours to infuse properly. The longer you let it sit, the more flavorful the water will be. Now treat yourself with a glass of tasty water or just bring the complete infused water bottle with you to school or work.

Cheers, girls!

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  • Getvices

    Good idea! We’ll definitely try this. This way drinking water will be more tasteful 😉

  • Carmen

    I have a reverse ossmois water purifier under the kitchen sink. The filters need to be replaced every six months. I absolutely love it. I don’t think health conscious Americans drink out of the tap any more. According to the Environmental Working Group, my city has the #9 worst tap water in America!!exile

  • http://www.readunscene.com/

    Oui ce n’est pas vraiment la texture habituelle des muffins, c’est plus moelleux c’est bien aussi^^ Contente que la recette te plaise !

  • Dave Anderson

    Who knew that making flavored water was so fun and simple. I didn’t know that the only thing that you had to do to make the water a different flavor was to put some fruit in a container with water. It sounds so simple, yet it turns out quite flavorful and it looks cute too. That would be a good idea to try at the next get together that you go to.

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