29-06-16 | MIND | happiness |

Warning: my healthy eating obsession

You and me are one of the many girls who are working hard to live a happy and healthy life. But is there something as living too healthy? Have you ever thought that being too focused on getting your dream body, could be not happy and not healthy at all? With this – super personal!! – blog post I want to create a little more Read More…

12-05-16 | MIND | happiness |

My explanation for your daily weight fluctuations

Standing on your scale can be awful. One day you stand on the scale and you may be fine with the numbers on it, but the next day all of a sudden its telling you that you gained weight! Recognizable? This used to get me really frustrated, but now I know it is actually a normal thing. Let me tell you Read More…

22-04-16 | MIND | happiness |

How to stay healthy on the weekend? 5 TIPS!

For most people the weekend is the best part of the week, and I am one of them! I enjoy having free time with my family, my friends and especially my hubby. But sometimes the best activities of my social life means the worst for my diet and workout routine. Recognizable? Today I want to give you my TOP 5 tips on how to stay healthy on the weekend! Read More…

Think healthy thoughts

Be happy. Be bright. Be you!

New day. New Strength.

22-12-15 | MIND | happiness |

How I stay healthy over Christmas holidays: 7 tips

Oh boy.. staying healthy and slim can be especially difficult during the period of time surrounding Christmas. I’m a big fan of the Christmas holidays and the treats that come along with it. In order to avoid the Christmas blowout and put on unwanted weight, I’ll share my best tips & tricks to ensure we can all enjoy the decadence of Christmas without adding to our waistline. Read More…

02-12-15 | MIND | happiness |

Weight loss: a personal lesson learned #4

Many people choose cardio (read: miles of cardio!) to get in a slim shape. We assume that the more miles you run, the faster you’ll burn fat and lose weight. I used to believe there was a magical relationship between miles run and weight loss, however I found out the hard way that this wasn’t helping (for me) at all. Read More…

Eat. Feel. Be. Healthy!

22-11-15 | MIND | happiness |

Weight loss: a personal lesson learned #3

It makes me happy to read you girls experience my “weight-loss: lessons learned” blogs as useful! I can imagine it’s hard to figure out what you should eat – and what not!- in order to realize your body goals, when there are a million of theories available online. I hope my personal story and body photo’s give you a better understanding and boost your inner power to achieve anything you want. This week I want to talk about.. Read More…