Focus on health, not on weight.

09-11-14 | Food | snacks |

Legal Crispy Chocolate Cheating

Every girl needs some chocolate from time to time and raw cacao actually offers some health benefits too. Therefore I made myself these raw crispy cacao bars as a healthy treat and guess what; the recipe contains only 4 clean and healthy ingredients! It’s sweet, easy and fast! Who’s in?! Read More…

Wake up with determination. Go to bed with satisfaction.

04-11-14 | Food | weight-loss |

Jumpstart your body with breakfast!

Jumpstart your body everyday – first thing in the morning! Today I share 5 simple reasons with you, why your breakfast is the most important nutritious meal of the day and must be in your morning routine. I promise you, girls that some yummy-breakfast-meal in the morning will make you shine whole day! Read More…