02-03-15 | Food | breakfast |

Choco-avocado pudding: low-fat and high-yummy

To the attention of all the pretty choco lovers out there! If you’re a big fan of cacao, avocado and sweetness, this recipe for healthy choco-avocado pudding might be just perfect for you! It’s low in fat, sugar and carbs and very easy-peasy to make! Read More…

10-12-14 | drinks |

Oh hey! Super green immunity booster

Hello there! It’s cold outside and it’s that time of the year that people have a weakened immune system. As soon as I experience the first signs of feeling sick, I feed my immune system to boost fight-power! Read here which immunity booster smoothie I treated myself with in order to recover quickly and still keep the carbs low – watch the video for instructions!

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