01-09-15 | legs & bum |

Squat and press to sculp your feminine curves

Long live the kettlebel! In this blog post I’ll talk about a super easy kettlebell workout that will torch fat, build strength, improve cardio fitness and tone up your feminine curves. Are you after a leg and butt-busting strength exercise? The weighted squat and press exercise will make that lower body burn to the max and prep it for your next famous “leg-moment”. Read more…

19-08-15 | Move | legs & bum |

5 simple exercises for strong legs and a sexy bum

When I say ‘strong legs’ and ‘sexy bum’, are you thinking: ‘YES, please!’? Great! Me too, so help is here! The good news is that we can all achieve a strong and toned lower body with the right training. In this blog post, I’ll show you my favorite 5 exercises that effectively tone leg- and bum muscles (and your core too!), while boosting your overall metabolism to the max. Here’s betting you’ll have killer legs in no time!

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14-05-15 | legs & bum |

Jump into a lunge for an extremely fit lower body

Jump into your lunge for super strong and toned legs! Although the standard- and walking lunges are quite familiar for it’s amazing effect on your legs and butt, adding a jump into this exercise will increase the burn tremendously! Today I’ll explain why it’s highly recommendable to integrate lunge exercises into Read more…

24-03-15 | Move | legs & bum |

How to become a wall sit master

Are you ready to become a wall sit master? This workout will make your legs shake like crazy before they will (!) get toned and fit. The “wall sit” exercise looks simple but it secretly requires some girl power and may be called a real challenge. Let’s get started girls, because you’re gonna love the boost to your legs!
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23-02-15 | Move | legs & bum |

4 times a home workout: hello sexy legs & butt

Hey, you! Are you in for a new home workout completely focused on creating some toned and sexy legs and a strong butt? After all the positive messages I received from you on the “Abs of Steel” home workout I thought it was about time to shake up our lower-body muscles. Welcome ladies, to what we call: leg-day!

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13-02-15 | legs & bum |

Improve overall health with a 25 min stairs workout

We all know that it’s healthy to take the stairs, however do you know to what extend a stairs workout can improve your body? It contains even more impressive benefits and today I will show you how you can perform a 25 minute stairs workout that will take your “fit shape” to new heights! Read more…