23-02-17 | Move | full body workouts |

7 surprising reasons why running is good for your health

Did you know it is not only important to vary with food, but it’s also something you should do with exercising? I found out that doing the same things when it comes to working out isn’t most effective, so I like to alternate in the type of exercises I do. One of which is running! Running is something I Read More…

20-02-17 | Move | abs |

5 times how to shape your body with a barre workout

Have you already noticed the booming barre workout trend? I did, but I never knew why it was so crazy popular all of a sudden – until I tried it out myself! In this blog post I give you 5 reasons why the barre workout is the hottest fitness trend to shape your body and why I think Read More…

28-07-16 | Move | abs |

How many reps and sets to achieve your body goals?

Summer is in full swing and a lot of people are busy with their summer shape! Today I want to talk about how to match your personal body goals to the best reps-and-sets range. Reps and sets can influence your progression, but how to know how many reps to lift? I’ve been struggling, but now that I know I hope Read More…

19-01-16 | Move | full body workouts |

Full body workout: skip yourself slim in 17 min!

Summer body goals but no time and no gym? No problem! The jump rope is one of the best go-anywhere and all-around exercise tools and today I want to share an epic fast-fat-burning 17 min. full body workout routine. Workouts don’t need to be time-consuming to be effective, so if you’re always busy this is just what you’re looking for! Read More…

26-12-15 | Move | full body workouts |

My favorite 17 min full body home workout

It’s that time of the years girls, December represents a month of busy, crazy and hectic days in combination with an extreme food overload! To still offset some of the cheating damage I prefer to bump up my calorie burn with my favorite 17 min full body home workout. Today I want to show you how Read More…

21-05-15 | full body workouts |

Side plank for a ripped and rock solid core

Are you dreaming of ripped abs and looking for the best ab exercise? Well, I DO! Today I talk about how the side plank exercise will help you flatten your belly, tone your core and burn fat. This exercise works the deep abdominal muscles that many ab exercises don’t reach! Read more…

16-12-14 | Move | full body workouts |

Perfect planking? Yes, give it a go!

It’s simple, effective, requires no equipment, can be performed anywhere and develops strength primarily in your core?  Planking? YES! It’s maybe hard to believe that this static exercise could provide such a great result.. until you Read More…

18-11-14 | full body workouts |

How to do your HIIT like a rockstar!

How to burn more fat, build strength and improve endurance FAST? The answer is simple and effective for everyone: HIIT – High Intensity Interval Training. Read here how to do a killer HIIT! Read more…

06-11-14 | full body workouts |

4 reasons why you should love burpees!

It’s time for BURPEEESSS! Burpees are that type of exercise you most likely hate (me too!), but let me give you four reasons why you should love them and should always try to include them in your weekly workouts! Read more…

01-11-14 | full body workouts |

Jump ropes make you burn fat fast!

Can’t make it to the gym today and still need to do your workout? I guess we’re all familiar with that! Read here how you can still burn more than 10 calories a minute with just 1 single (fun) tool: Read more…