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Calorie counting for weight-loss: 3 tools to help you!

Counting calories have made it so much easier for me to lose weight! Why? Counting calories helps you to easily stay in control of your diet and thus your weight-loss process. If you want to lose weight, gain weight or maintain weight, you should absolutely read today’s blog post as I’ll give you 3 tips to simply count your calories.

Weight control is all about calories and thus calorie counting is the simplest way for you to lose weight. During my period of weight-loss I figured out it was no rocket-science to determine how many calories I should consume daily, but tracking my calorie intake throughout the day was the hardest part. Why? Our days are always busy and filled with activities, so you don’t want to spent too much time on counting calories.

Once I started to use simple tools to count my calories correctly, it suddenly got so easy to avoid high-calorie foods and select lower-calorie foods. I immediately felt like I was in control of choosing the right foods that allowed me to lose weight and satisfy my nutritional requirements.

1. Do the math yourself!
Counting calories is not a diet, it’s just an effective “tool” to help you to eat the right number of calories for your personal situation: height, weight and level of physical activity during the day. The following articles will help you to easily determine your daily calorie intake – in order to realize your weight-loss goals – and how to divide these calories between carbs, fat and protein. This way you can simply make your own food schedule for a couple of days (and re-use it after) and there’s no need to track your calories daily!
Step 1: Click here to determine your personal daily calorie intake and how to allocate.
Step 2: Use this article as a follow-up to finetune.
Step 3: Find here my personal grocery list, just to help you with a list of foods you can use to find your carbs, fat and protein.

2. Best buddy: Healbe GoBe!
The Healbe GoBe is the one and only wearable device that automatically measures the calories you consume and burn, by analyzing impedance readings and estimating the value based on your own glucose curves! The fact that there’s no manual logging needed, made me really excited to use this gadget. Everyone’s body processes energy differently, and GoBe helps me to better understand my body by letting me know how I react to different foods. With it, I’m able to keep track of my calorie intake better than ever before. It even tracks my activity so it can automatically measure the calories you burn throughout the day. What a life saver if you ask me 🙂

3. Hello food-tracking apps!
Before I started to use my Healbe GoBe I tried several websites and apps that are easy to use and help you to log your meals and track your calorie intake. The app, MyFitnessPal, made my weight-loss route easier and moreover helped me to understand my diet. I think it’s really important to first understand what you’re doing in order to succeed in it! Which apps do you use? Any tips you think it needs to be shared? Please do so! 🙂

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  • Janna

    Hi Carolina!

    Ik gebruik de app “mijn Eetmeter’ hierin kan ik zien hoeveel calorieen, eiwitten en koolhydraten ik binnen krijg. Heel handig 🙂

    Super blog maar weer ns!


    • Carolina van Dorenmalen Post author

      Hi Janna!

      Bedankt voor je berichtje, SUPER fijn om te weten welke app jij gebruikt!
      Ga ik ook eens downloaden en bekijken, dank!!

      Oh en ook bedankt voor je lieve woorden: makes me happyyyyyyyy

      Fijne dag lieverd!

      xx Carolina

  • Zeljka

    Hi Carolina,
    Ik ben aan het kijken voor de Healbe GoBe en ik vroeg mij af of jij deze ook kunt gebruiken voor hardlopen?

    Trouwens je hebt een erg leuke en inspirerende blog:-)


    xxx Zeljka

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