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Bouldering for a summer body shape? YES!

I love trying out new things when it comes to sports, so I decided to throw myself into a new challenge called bouldering! This upcoming type of training is a form of (indoor) rock climbing without using ropes. Actually I had never heard of this term until a few weeks ago, but I did see it before.. and yes, seeing and doing are two entirely different things :-p

When Primark invited me for a bouldering session I was super excited! But to be honest I was a bit scared too… Did I really wanted to be up high with that little to hold on to? But my curiosity and thrill seeking drive were stronger than my doubts (oh and something like peer pressure :p), so I took the opportunity to just go for it! And I’m glad I did, because this was pretty cool! No ropes or other equipment is strapped on, you are only wearing your favorite workout gear and a pair of climbing shoes. There are mats on the floor so no need to worry about safety though. My technique obviously wasn’t impressive at all, but (thankfully) I managed to get myself up by using my strength and logical thinking, yay! #lol

Bouldering is not only super fun, it is also a surprisingly intense training for your body and mind. This sport definitely contributes to a summer body shape and has many benefits!

Bouldering for a summer body shape: 5 times why!

  • Muscle building: Bouldering is a fun physical challenge where strength plays a big role. All the larger muscle groups are used, but smaller ones too, and the core gets some hard work to do. This will create nice definition to your body. It is definitely a full body workout; you will use muscles you didn’t know you had haha!
  • Cardio benefits: Don’t underestimate the cardio part of this sport either, because you are constantly moving in your session, which not only burns lots of calories but eventually will cause greater endurance, a better heart rate, and controlled blood pressure.
  • Balance training: Besides strength and cardio, keeping your balance is also a very important part of climbing. You have to stay up, so you will want to have a stable posture keeping you in place.
  • Works your mind: You really need to think your way out while you’re up there, determining where you want to go and how that can be best achieved. How to position the body, where to reach, etc. are all things that cross your mind and need to be well puzzled out.
  • Stress reliever: Having to focus fully on the activity is a great destressing method. It works well to forget for a moment about the many things that normally run through your head, you just get in the flow of climbing.

There are actually many different levels of intensity in the boulders, therefore it stays exciting each time you find yourself improving with it. And eventually you might take your skills to outdoor boulders for an even bigger challenge!

Are you into trying something different for your workout? Then this might be something for you! I hope my experiences help to inspire you to keep challenging yourself and YES! I believe bouldering for a summer body shape is good too 😉

With love,

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