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Bikini body countdown: week 5/12 LEGS

Congrats!! You completed your first month of shaping your bikini body with the Bikini body countdown program! Who’s ready to create some lean bikini-legs?! The video workout of WEEK 5 of the #BBCD program is designed to tone, define and strengthen your leg and glute muscles while you’ll be losing fat to the max! Press play to start reaching your goals and use your girl power to kick ass!

Oh, btw! Before we start with WEEK 5.. don’t forget to take a progress picture girls!

Bikini Body Countdown program
Every week on Monday you can expect a new video workout with below all the technical information you need to perform properly. Repeat the video workout of week 5 for 3 times on days your schedule allows it best. For an optimal result, try to perform a 30 min. cardio workout 1-2 times per week next to the video workout to lose fat fast.

Per month you can expect 1 LEG workout, 1 ARM workout, 1 CORE workout and we close in the fourth week with a FULL BODY workout. However, all exercises will always make your work on several muscles at the same time.

During the program we will increase level, frequency and weight, but we offer a distinction between beginners and advanced fit girls. So no excuse, every girl can do this! Just listen to your body and challenge yourself every week. Another big PLUS is that all exercises can be performed at home, outdoor or at the gym! To make it more fun you should find a buddy and do it together ;)

What’s important?
1. Make sure you eat properly 1 hour before you start your workout, click here to see what you should consume and when.
2. Take care of your hydration during the breaks of your workout.
3. Be prepared and make sure you have the required fitness equipment on place (TIP: you can use water bottles for dumbells).
4. Bring a towel, because you are about to sweat ;-)
5. Make yourself an awesome workout tracklist with some upbeat music to boost your motivation.
6. Quality over quantity! Slow down the motions for more effective results instead of ripping through the movement. Keep it explosive and 120% input!
7. Take a BEFORE and AFTER picture!
8. Motivate yourself and others by sharing your journey towards your best bikini body every online on Instagram or the Bikini Body Countdown Facebook event and use the hashtags #bikinibodycountdown #foodie_ness.

Please raise them, ladies! Don’t hesitate, because I love to help you out. Comment below or use the contact page.

Are you ready? Set, GOOOO!

Week 5: Legs
Round 1: 10 minutes
Round 2: 8 minutes
Round 3: 6 minutes
Round 4: 4 minutes
Break: 1 minute between each round
Your total workout will take 31 minutes.

–              Sumo squats: 15 reps
–              Weighted walking lunges: 24 reps (12 per leg)
–              Skipping: 100 reps
–              X jumps: 15 reps

Sumo squats
Start position: Stand up with your feet wider than shoulder-with and make sure your toes are slightly turned out.
Movement: Squat down as low as you can, keeping your back straight and your heels on the ground.
Finish: Press back up standing to your start position and repeat the movement.

GO!:  15 reps.

Weighted walking lunges
Start position: Stand up with your feet at shoulder-width apart and a dumbbell of 3-6 kg in each hand.
Movement: Step forward with your left leg, flexing the knees to drop your hips. Descend until your back knee nearly (!) touches the floor. TIP: Your front knee must stay above the front foot and your torso should remain upright.
Finish: Drive through the heel of your front foot and extend both knees to bring yourself back up. Now step forward with your right foot to repeat the lunge on the opposite leg. Repeat this lunge walking.

GO!: 40 reps in total with 20 reps on each side (left & right leg)

Start position: Stand up with your feet at hip-width apart and keep your elbows by your side.
Movement: Jump around 10 – 15 cm off the ground, just to give the floor enough space to slip under your feet.  Only the balls of your feet should touch the floor and moving the jump rope comes from the wrists and forearms, not the shoulders.
Finish: Repeat the movement and drop the rope.

GO!:  100 reps.

X jumps
Start position: Stand up with your feet at hip-width apart and your hands up into a high “V” position.
Movement: Now bring your body into a squat position while you bring your hands down into a “X” position between your legs.
Finish: Jump up while you bring your hands up above your head, back in the “V” position. Repeat this movement while you’re jumping up and down and replacing your hands from V to X.

GO!: 15 reps.

Click here to watch the video-workouts of previous weeks.

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