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Badass chest dips for a fit looking body

Fact: to build a fit looking bikini body, you need to lift your upper body! So what’s an insanely effective exercise to work on your upper body? Chest dips! Let me tell you how to get some fit and toned arms, shoulders, chest and back muscles with dips. Oh and btw: chest dips will also help you to get rid of the dreaded arm jiggle, yippee

The chest dip exercise is an epic way to build mass in your upper body and improve your overall strength. And it’s true ladies, you simply burn more calories and fat by carrying more muscles! I prefer to use dip bars for the chest dip exercise, because you will lift and lower all of your body weight. If this chest dip exercise is new to you, you should start with using a chest dip machine in the gym and add weight to it to make it a bit easier.

Beauty vs. the Bulk
Don’t be afraid to look like Popeye the Sailor man, that’s a common misconception and won’t happen! The chest dip exercise will truly contribute to your female bikini body goals. I’m a big fan of this exercise because it helped me to get rid of the dreaded arm jiggle (not yet completely :p) and make my arms and chest look more bikini ready.

How to do it?
Start position: Hold onto the handlebars and jump up or press upward to bring your body in a hanging position with straight arms.
Movement: Now bend your arms to lower your body as far as you can and press back upward.
Finish: Go for 15 reps, take a break and repeat 3 times.
Have a look at the picture below for more instructions!

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