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7 tips: how I maintain healthy on a Festival

The festival season is still in full swing and I’m loving it! It makes me happy to be around all those happy party people while I’m enjoying good music, drinks, food, friends and good weather. In order to have some fun at a festival, I know it can be hard to stick to your healthy lifestyle. Therefore I want to give you some tips on how to maintain healthy on a Festival, while being in your party mode!

Being prepared of what will come makes you less worried. This is how I maintain healthy and fit on a Festival:

TIP #1: Sleep
Be aware of the temptations you might be facing. Getting enough sleep before and after is really important and will help you (both your body and mind) being more loyal to your diet plan.

TIP #2: breakfast
Start your day well with a nutritious breakfast, full of protein, fiber and vitamins. Sometimes I like to also plan in advance how to fill in my macros for the day.

TIP #3: hydration 
Hydration is key and therefore one of the most important things to remember is drinking a lot of water. At most larger festivals you can get those specially designed water bags which you can easily carry with you during the party and can refill for free! This way you stay hydrated so your head will feel much better the day after 😉 and it also keeps you from drinking too much high-calorie drinks.

TIP #4: alcohol
Try to not drink more than a few alcoholic drinks because they contain more calories than you might expect and are giving your body a hard time trying to detox from it. Click here to read how to “best” consume alcohol when you’re a health freak!

TIP #5: nutrition
Until a few years ago you could only get the usual fatty snacks at festivals, but now you see more and more diversity in the food stands and they are also offering healthy options! Salads, fruit, smoothies and even protein shakes are now available at dance festivals and YES!! that makes me a happy girl :p

Last weekend I was invited by innocent drinks to enjoy Lowlands Festival and show how cool healthy is! These pure fruit smoothies from innocent drinks have helped me getting my daily dose of vitamin – while contributing to a more sustainable planet, well that is a double win! The innocent drinks team also showed me how to make mocktails with their (only!) healthy drinks and that’s something I will definitely try myself at home. Yum, yum!

TIP #6: Eat every 2/3 hours
Dancing all day is a great workout to burn lots of calories, so take time to eat something every 2/3 hours. Bringing your own food to the festival area is not allowed, only to the camping area when you’re going for a whole weekend to your favorite festival. In that case pack as much good food as you can that is easy to prepare and stock there. Like snack veggies, nuts, protein bars and fruit!

TIP #7: Post-festival food
When the party is over and you need to drive (a long way) back home, you might get hungry with all the sweating you’ve done and most certainly if you haven’t been eating much during the day. I always make sure to have a healthy snack like a protein bar in my car, in order to avoid the drive-in at McDonald’s haha.

Last but not least..
I can’t highlight this enough: sometimes you just need to give in to your cravings a bit. It’s all about balance, so don’t worry if you did went for the French fries and big juicy hamburger, or had an extra cocktail you didn’t plan on taking. You can make up to it with good food the day after and your next sweaty workout session 😉 Deal?

Now tell me girls, where’s the next party?!

With love,

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