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7 tips for creating a glowing, fast and healthy tan

Summer has made its entrance and oh my, how I enjoy these Summer feelings already! Don’t you just love getting out in the warming sun? If you are a sunshine lover like me, this blog post is a must read… I’m sharing my tips to get that lovely sun-kissed look in a safe way by getting your healthy tan on!

“The sun is our friend, but can get our enemy as well.”

After spending a few days in sunny Ibiza I’m in full Summer mode – nothing but good feelings come with this 🙂 And I’m happy the warm weather is back in Holland too! We need sunshine in our lives, it’s super important for our immune system and other health benefits. Though we should be careful with our skin as it is very precious: it protects us and we should protect it back. Here are my tips how to create a healthy tan:

TIP #1
Give your skin some uncovered sun exposure for that vitamin D! In winter we don’t build up vitamin D over here in Holland, because the sun isn’t strong enough. So now the sun is back we can create a healthy vitamin D value. You can stay in the sun unprotected only for about 15 minutes. After this time, we have to get careful!

TIP #2
After those 15 minutes it’s important to use the appropriate protection, to prevent damaging the skin. Sunscreen is essential to prevent sunburn, but this doesn’t mean you can’t get a tan anymore! It just goes more gradually with less change of becoming a red lobster 😉 Start with a stronger one when you have a light skin. If you have a darker skin by earlier tanning or from yourself you can get a lower SPF. Don’t be lazy with this, but make sure to apply enough and regularly.

TIP #3
Is your skin likely to get burned? Then wear protective clothing when you get out in the sun, especially for the shoulders. Don’t forget a hat either, because the scalp can burn too, even through your hairs! With a nice floppy summer hat you’re protected and making a fashion statement at the same time 😀

TIP #4
Choose your sunscreen carefully though, because there are big differences in quality. Use a sunscreen that has both UVA and UVB protection. Unfortunately most sunscreens contain unhealthy chemicals which can cause hormonal disturbance and skin problems. Rather choose natural sunblock without too many chemicals.

TIP #5
For best tanning results it can be a good idea to exfoliate your skin. Doing that a day before works best as it removes dead skin cells and gives a fresh skin that does well in the sun. A regular scrubbing session keeps the tan longer, but  don’t overdo it though! About once to twice a week is enough for creating a peachy skin.

TIP #6
Don’t overdo the tanning, but give your skin time to repair from the sunrays. Too much sun exposure can be dangerous. Not only with a tanning session at the beach, but being outdoors anyways. Make sure to take breaks from being in direct sun by finding the shade or going indoors. This prevents sunburn (and wrinkles!) and gives a healthy tan in a safe manner. Applying after sun with cooling aloe at the end of the day will give a healing effect.

TIP #7
And as with all health related issues, food is involved in having a lovely tan as well! We want to have more sun-friendly foods in our diet. Especially lycopene is an important nutrient, because this antioxidant protects the skin from UV rays! You can find this in red fruit like tomatoes and watermelon. Other important antioxidants to fight sun damage are green tea, blueberries and dark chocolate. And don’t forget your leafy greens! These help to fill up nutrients like folic acid which get affected by the sunrays as well.

Take care of your skin, because that’s what it deserves! With these tips you can work on getting a healthy tan and golden glow to shine throughout summer. Now get that body in a bikini and go outside to enjoy some more of these lovely summer vibes!

With love,

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