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7 surprising reasons why running is good for your health

Did you know it is not only important to vary with food, but it’s also something you should do with exercising? I found out that doing the same things when it comes to working out isn’t most effective, so I like to alternate in the type of exercises I do. One of which is running! Running is something I enjoy doing and today I give you my 7 reasons why I think running is good for your health.

1. Upgrade for your health
Running is a very effective cardio workout to upgrade your condition and overall health. Being active regularly will help prevent diseases in all sorts of way and by running you can easily build up your cardio level. It can also decrease stress as it gives the opportunity to clear your mind and it increases the production of happy feelings!

2. Body strengthening
It may be a cardio exercise, but it also works your muscles, especially the legs and core. Your joints and bones are also strengthened by this type of workout, which decreases the chance of bone and joint problems. Note: if you have bad knees or certain injuries, running might not(!!) be the best option for you, so take that into consideration before starting.

3. Easy to start
The nice thing about running is that almost anyone can just start with it. Grab a pair of good running shoes (click here to read how you can find your perfect running shoes in 4 steps!), maybe some music in your ears and you’re good to go! No other equipment or any lessons needed, just start at your own pace and build up gradually.

4. Vitamin D builder
Whether it’s freezing cold or the heat is making you sweat like crazy, it’s always good to be outside often to get your daily dose of vitamin D! I think it is great to spend some time outdoors each day and running can help to get you out, especially in winter when it’s tempting to stay comfy at home.

5. Anyplace, anytime
The easy thing is that it can be done anywhere you want! You can get started straight from home. Running outdoors through parks is my personal favorite 🙂 However, you don’t need to go outside if you’re not feeling like it. Then go on a treadmill instead. The advantage of a treadmill is that you can set it up to incline which really works the leg and booty muscles even more!

6. Energy booster
After a little running I always feel super energized! Even when I felt a little tired before, I’ve got a lot more energy when the workout is done. Doing it more often will help to not get tired as easily!

7. Work up a sweat
Doing a good running workout can burn quite some calories. Throw in some extra sprints and you will definitely be finding yourself in sweaty mode haha! However it is NOT a golden ticket for weight loss; read here why.

Seems like enough reasons to believe that running is good for your health and get going, even if it’s just a few minutes a week. Remember that it is key to do multiple types of exercising which includes cardio as well as strength training. This way you will have the best of both worlds and be on top of your fitness game 🙂

How do you feel about running? Are you a running junkie? And what does your running routine look like? Please let me know in the comment section below girls!

With love,

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