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5 tips to easily boost your mindset and get fit

How do people lose weight, train hard, eat clean, get fit and live a healthy and happy lifestyle? MINDSET! It’s all about the perfect mindset and yours might be holding you back? Today I give you 5 effective tips to boost your mindset and use it to achieve your bikini body goals!

1. Decide that you are worth it
Wait? What? Yes! Maybe this sounds a little odd at first, but a lot of girls believe that they aren’t just good enough! Who am I to decide what’s best for me? These kinds of thoughts are somehow always there with you, in the back of your mind. And because you don’t think you are worth it you aren’t capable of giving it all – ALL you’ve got! Decide now (yes, right now ;-)) that you are worth it and allow yourself a new healthy and happy lifestyle!

2. Change your lifestyle in small steps
Not every change is reflected immediately, but don’t let it discourage you! Your body needs time to change and it needs time to adapt. Push through, hold on, stay consistent and be loyal to yourself. In the end your body will reward you.

3. Plan your workout moments
When you are working with a time schedule and you stick to it, it becomes a habbit and easily a part of your daily routine. Just like eating breakfast or lunch. Make it important en plan ahead.

4. Eat consciously and with attention
Focus on what’s on your plate and don’t do other things while eating your meal. You will enjoy the food more and you will feel more satisfied afterwards.

5. Focus
It’s in our nature to have the tendency to compare ourselves to others. Stop it! It sucks the energy out of you, it’s tiresome, leaves you with frustration and most of all; you’re focus is at the wrong place! Point your focus, attention and energy towards YOUrself. Be able to see you’re getting better and stronger each day. Be proud, on your progress, your goals, your milestones and your own happy journey towards fit.

Discover your OWN perfect healthy lifestyle! What works for someone else won’t have to work for you. Find out what works for you and quit now with the healthy habits that don’t suit you – yes, also when they do seem to work for other people! When we talk about adjusting a healthy and fit lifestyle, we talk about changing something that will become a big part of your life. Don’t make it a survival of the fittest, but choose a lifestyle that will make you a winner on the long run!

Healthy mindset = healthy lifestyle!

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  • Kaled

    Dear Susan,I have been considering doing the Daniel fast and found your webstie concerning it. Several years ago the Lord led me to do a similar eating plan. I felt the Lord say that I did not have a golden calf in my life, I had a chocolate-sugar coated calf that consumed by thinking as I bowed down to it on a very regular basis. I called this way of eating my no sweets, no meats diet. I did it for about 1 1/2 years. I was amazed at how good I felt. NOTHING could have ever convinced me that sugar made me tired until I stopped eating it and found out how much more energy I had. I also noticed how much more clearly I heard the voice of God and equated at least some of it with the fact that I felt so much better physically. I recently went to full time work when my husband became disabled. This change has left me grasping for convience and our eating habits are nothing like they used to be. I long to eat better but do not know where to begin. Just last year my husband was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease which has made eating even more of a challenge. I am interested in learning about the Daniel fast for my own life but was wondering if you knew how, or if, to approach such change when a person has Crohn’s disease. Can you give me any information about this subject? The medical doctors and community have been no help. Often they suggest that he eat pudding, jello and mashed potatoes. I am very concerned about the lack of nutrition he receives on a daily basis. I don’t know where to turn.Blessings!Dee

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