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5 times why springtime is your ultimate happiness booster

Fellow foodies, it’s time for some positivity sharing! I’m feeling great and do you know why? Because finally winter is behind us and it is officially spring again! Don’t get me wrong, I can adore winter with all its magical moments, but the cold can get a bit tiring after a while :-p So I’m definitely appreciating this new season, which always gives me so much new energy, positivity and happy feelings and I want to share 5 reasons why springtime is your ultimate happiness booster:

  1. Sunny days: The sun is showing its lovely warm light more often and I can’t get enough of this! The days are getting longer, which makes it a lot easier to get up in the morning. Not leaving for work while it’s dark and coming home from it in the dark again feels so much better. More sunshine also means we’re building more vitamin D. This vitamin is super effective for your immune system and overall health.
  2. Getting active: While the cold is slowly coming to an end, I’m always starting to get a sort of new drive that is making me want to get things going. Do you feel that too? Then use it to the fullest! I’m putting this energy in starting new projects for Foodie-ness, but it also makes me want to get physically active, meaning more bike rides, running sessions and gym time for me 😉
  3. Better skin: I’ve noticed that my skin is not looking as good in winter as it is other times of the year. The cold and lack of sunshine can really show on our skin, being dry and pale. Now warmer and brighter days are coming, meaning our skin will get the opportunity to start glowing again, which looks and feels so much better!
  4. Season food: Winter has some great food to it, like pumpkin and kale, but I also love the fresh things spring has to offer! Especially all sorts of colorful veggies and fruits, like berries are around more now. Food has much more vitamins and minerals to it when you’re eating according to the season, having better health effects for your body.
  5. Mental health: As the world starts to brighten up again after a period of dark days and spending much time indoors, you can sort of see people revive and just being happier. We’re getting outside more often and it seems our mind is getting clearer and in a better state of mind. Spring is definitely a feel good factor and happiness booster, creating positive effects for our mental health.

As you can read, a change in season can really have a great effect on our health and happiness. Both physically and mentally! Hopefully you get as much good feelings from this season starting as me and you can enjoy it to the fullest. My gym (SportCity) is supporting this #voeljegoed (Dutch for #feelgood ;-)) vibe and motivates me that spring is like a new beginning and we can use it to pick up our new year resolutions or set new goals for summer.

Is spring your ultimate happiness booster too? Please tell me what your feel good spring fever feelings are and let’s create some extra positivity around!

With love,

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